Do you miss President Obama?
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Do you miss President Obama?

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After former president Barack Obama shared an adorable tweet wishing Joe Biden happy birthday and SNL created a music video to the tune of "Come Back, Barack," it's clear he's missed. With President Trump's ongoing scandals and un-presidential behavior, many mourn the loss of a calm, measured and informed leader. But Obama also has detractors who say he never put America first; Benghazi, Syria and Obamacare loom large as failures for which his legacy deserves to be destroyed. Do you miss Obama?

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SNL released a hilarious music video titled "Come Back, Barack," begging the former president to return.

And Barack Obama went viral when he shared an adorable meme wishing former vice president Joe Biden a happy birthday.

Many supporters of Obama have expressed how much they miss the 44th president.

But not everyone misses Obama. To those who believe his administration was a failure and his presidency was one of unprecedented divide in America, they're glad to see him gone.

And the anger doesn't just come from Trump fans. Plenty of people on the left decry Obama's policies as neoliberal corporatism that decimated the white working class and handed us Trump.

The past eight years of policymaking have damaged Democrats at all levels. Recovering Democratic strength will require the party’s leaders to come to terms with what it has become — and the role Obama played in bringing it to this point.
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