At a town hall, Sanders says it's Clinton's job to win over his supporters
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At a town hall, Sanders says it's Clinton's job to win over his supporters

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At an MSNBC town hall Monday night,  a spectator asked Bernie Sanders whether he would encourage his supporters to vote for Clinton if she wins the nomination. Sanders responded that it would be Clinton's responsibility to win over his voters, noting she'd have to explain her Wall Street connections and establishment support. He followed up to say that he would do “everything in my power to make sure that no Republican gets into the White House.” 

Is Bernie betraying the progressive movement by refusing to say he'll support Hillary? Or does his stance show his independent integrity? 

Later that evening, Clinton noted that in the 2008 primary after she lost her bid for the nomination, she threw all of her support behind the nominee, Barack Obama, without "conditions," and that she hoped Sanders would do the same. 

Many Democrats are furious that Sanders continues to equivocate on whether or not he would support Clinton, as she will in all likelihood be the nominee. Sanders fans argue that, as an Independent, Sanders is not beholden to ideas of party loyalty, and has no obligation to tell his supporters to vote for Clinton.

So are Democrats dealing with #BernieBetrayal or #BernieIntegrity?


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Many of his supporters see Sanders's refusal to endorse Clinton as a sign of his integrity.
Progressives are accusing Sanders of refusing to act for the greater good.
Democrats argue that it's hypocritical for him to claim his independence after running for the Democratic nomination.
Democrats are pointing towards Clinton's actions in 2008 as a model for how a real progressive would act.
Political observers are noting Sanders has changed his tune since February…
The #BernieOrBust contingent is 100% in line with Sanders's stance.
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