Is it wrong to be apolitical?

Is it wrong to be apolitical?

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Nuclear threats, pandemic sexual harassment, a growing climate crisis—the news is depressing these days and many Americans are just tuning it out. Some say our politics have become an ugly cesspool, and watching the news just makes us feel helpless and miserable. Others say that it's never been more important to tune in, and being apolitical is a copout. You need to follow the news to vote, and if you don't vote, our democracy can't function. Is it okay to tune out the news? 🗞️ 📺 🙈

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Critics say the "I don't do politics" excuse is just that: part laziness, part privilege. If you don't pay attention, how can you act? It isn't right to enjoy all the privileges of living in a democracy and then not participate.

But Mike Fishbein advises people to stop watching the news, following politics and voting, for their own health and sanity.

Almost everything in government is broken. Everyone knows the problems, so I’m not even going to cite them. It’s frustrating to watch, let alone participate in....Call me selfish, but I would rather spend my time on things that can help me achieve my goals than trying to change things that can’t be changed.

And he's not the only one who advocates for tuning out.

There is a sense of helplessness that happens when I watch negative news. 95% of what is on that screen, I can’t do anything about. I get overwhelmed. I want it to change but outside of writing a check to the victims of a tragedy and complaining about the state of our society, I can’t move the needle on it. It’s frustrating.

But Danny Pelavin says "there is nothing noble about being apolitical."

Tom Brady can afford to ignore politics, because no matter who’s president or what legislation is passed, he’ll still be rich and famous. He’s privileged in that the extent to which he has to worry about a new political agenda is the change in his tax burden. He won’t have to worry about being deported. 
He won’t have to worry about having a racist as the head of the Justice Department. He won’t have to worry that he can’t exist in public spaces because there’s not a bathroom he can use.
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