Should the U.S. tax junk food?

According to NBC News, Americas will consume 7 billion hot dogs between Memorial Day and Labor Day—that's 818 hot dogs per second. Health advocates argue the U.S. should tax junk food because it leads to a number of health problems including obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. But opponents of the tax say it disproportionately hurts the poor and infringes on the personal freedom of individuals...
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Who should liberals fear more: President Trump or a potential President Pence?

President Trump has had a rough go as president. From low approval ratings to a failed legislative agenda (infrastructure week, anyone?) to the looming Mueller investigation, the odds of impeachment appear to be mounting. But some warn against calls of impeachment. The removal of Trump would mean a President Pence, and while Pence may be more disciplined than Trump, some argue he would be a far...
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Does President Trump deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

After the leaders of North and South Korea reached a historic agreement to remove all nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula, and formally end the Korean War that has lasted 65 years, 18 House Republicans signed a letter nominating President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize. But now that Trump has called off his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, many feel the Peace Prize talk was...
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Does President Trump deserve credit for pardoning Jack Johnson?

President Trump posthumously pardoned the first black heavyweight boxer Jack Johnson, calling Johnson's conviction "a racially-motivated injustice.” Many are applauding Trump's decision, and even his critics say he deserves credit for doing the right thing. But others say Trump doesn't deserve anything. He's spent the majority of his presidency attacking black athletes for taking political...
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Best HBO Talk Show: 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' or 'Real Time with Bill Maher'?

Both John Oliver and Bill Maher are political talk show powerhouses, delivering scathing and hilarious content to their viewers every week. In only four seasons of his HBO show "Last Week Tonight," John Oliver has quickly risen to the top of the political satire game. But veteran politico Bill Maher is still eviscerating critics on HBO's "Real Time." Which political talk show is your favorite? 🗣
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Should President Trump reschedule his meeting with Kim Jong Un?

President Trump canceled his June 12 summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in response to "tremendous anger and open hostility" from Pyongyang. Many argue this decision was premature, and Trump should reschedule the meeting. But others applauded Trump, arguing his decision to walk away from the summit sends a clear message to the North Koreans that they "cannot play the United States." What...
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Should politicians be allowed to block constituents on social media?

A federal judge ruled President Trump cannot block users from his Twitter feed, arguing it violates the First Amendment. Constitutional lawyers have debated whether Trump should be allowed to block users, arguing it is akin to kicking citizens out of a public space or town hall meeting because of their political viewpoints. But others say that's ridiculous—politicians should not be compelled to...
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Should Obama speak out more against Trump instead of making a Netflix deal?

After their Netflix deal was announced, former Mexican president Vicente Fox said Barack and Michelle Obama "should dedicate themselves more to the public arena" and focus on making money later. Traditionally, former presidents do not critique their successor. But given the unique threat President Trump poses to progressive values, some feel Obama hasn't done enough. Others feel Obama should be...
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Was America ever really great?

A Staten Island Home Depot employee received death threats after someone posted a photo of her on social media wearing a hat that said "America Was Never Great." Many argue the Trump slogan "Make America Great Again" whitewashes the nation's past hostility toward people of color, women and the LGBT community. But others say nostalgia for America's past greatness and the drive to reclaim it are...
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Is the Democratic Party actually broken?

Bernie Sanders insists the Democratic Party is a failure, but primaries in Georgia, Texas, Kentucky, and Arkansas all saw "establishment" Democrats win overwhelmingly. Critics argue the endless "Dems In Disarray" coverage promotes a myth that the party is crumbling while Democrats are actually fielding hundreds of new candidates, winning special elections and supporting one another. Others say...
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