Has President Trump ever purchased a box of cereal for himself?

After a week of tweeting about rampant voter fraud in Florida and Georgia, despite a complete lack of evidence of any such fraud, President Donald Trump shared his thoughts with conservative news outlet Daily Caller. While arguing in favor of voter IDs, the president stated, "If you buy a box of cereal—you have a voter ID." This, as anyone who has recently purchased some Cheerios from your local...
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Should Ruth Bader Ginsburg retire?

After a recent fall and hospitalization, people are once again questioning whether the Supreme Court's oldest Justice should consider retirement. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is currently the most vocal liberal voice on a court that would swing fully to the right if she should retire during the Trump presidency. Because of that prospect, Democrats don't even like to contemplate Ginsburg's potential...
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Should President Trump have the right to revoke press credentials?

After a contentious press briefing at the White House the day after the midterm elections, the White House announced it would be revoking all press credentials for CNN's Chief White House Reporter Jim Acosta. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders stated that Acosta had crossed a line during the press conference and the White House was well within its rights to revoke his credentials. CNN has now...
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Should we go back to using paper ballots?

As contentious recounts drag on in Florida and Georgia, politicians on both sides of the aisle are raising questions about invalid ballots and potential vote tampering. After the 2016 election, American voters are more concerned than ever about the preservation of their votes. Yet, many experts are divided on the best way to ensure the integrity of our elections. Some say electronic voting is the...
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Does President Trump have enough stamina for the job?

President Trump has long had a fixation on physical strength and energy, even going so far as to dictate a letter to his personal doctor stating he is the healthiest president in history. One of his most frequently used digs against candidate Hillary Clinton was that she didn't have the "stamina" for the presidency. Over the weekend though, critics and world leaders alike questioned the...
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Would you vote for a criminal or a deceased person?

Amidst many surprising midterm outcomes, none was more surprising than the results of the election for representative of Nevada's 36th Assembly District. Nevadans voted, overwhelmingly, for deceased brothel owner and accused sexual abuser Dennis Hof. Nevada's not the only state with questionable taste in candidates. While Florida just recently voted to give felons the right to vote, Michael...
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Are Democrats in danger of repeating the mistakes of 2016?

While we just ended a seemingly interminable midterm election cycle, many politicians and strategists are already beginning to gear up for presidential runs in 2020. The names at the top of the lists for potential Democratic candidates—Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, possibly even Hillary Clinton—are causing concern that the Democratic Party is intent on re-running the 2016 campaign, making little to...
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Does Nancy Pelosi deserve to be the new Speaker of the House?

Now that the Democrats have seized control of the House of Representatives, the party will vote on a new Speaker of the House this January. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is the logical choice for many: She has led her caucus through tough political waters for over 15 years, has held the position before, and many think she is the logical choice for this political moment. Still, critics say her...
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Should Fox News fire Sean Hannity?

Sean Hannity has long been the face of Fox News. Hannity came up in the media world as a political radio host before he was hired by Roger Ailes in 1996. Since Ailes' ouster from Fox in 2016, and his death shortly thereafter, Hannity became the network's elder statesmen. Yet, a series of recent scandals have put his future at the network in doubt. Most recently, Hannity appeared on stage with...
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Should Michelle Obama run for president in 2020?

Michelle Obama is reentering the political arena with a memoir entitled "Becoming," and following it up with a 10-city book tour in massive basketball arenas. Just a few weeks ago, she kickstarted a non-partisan get out the vote initiative. This push back into the public eye has some wondering if the former First Lady may be considering a 2020 presidential run. Obama has long been the most...
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