Should the Dakota Access pipeline be stopped?

The Oceti Sakowin camp will be cleared out by North Dakota law enforcement, marking the beginning of the end for the #NoDAPL movement. Opponents of the pipeline have filed suit against the Dakota Access pipeline on the grounds that the pipeline's route violates the Standing Rock Sioux's religious freedom. Proponents of the pipeline say all the proper permitting has been completed, and it will stre…

Should the U.S. ban assault rifles?

Gun control advocates say banning assault rifles would prevent all-too-common mass shooting attacks in the United States. If fewer people have access to high-powered firearms, opportunistic killers are less likely to use such a destructive weapon to commit crimes. Defenders of gun rights say there are many legitimate reasons to own guns in that style and a ban would not stop bad people from commit…

Do sanctuary cities deserve federal funding?

Several major cities across the U.S. have declared themselves "sanctuary cities" and will refuse to cooperate with the Trump administration's crackdown on undocumented immigrants. The White House is threatening to defund these cities, saying states that willfully ignore the law are endangering the lives of citizens. Proponents of sanctuary cities say the status actually makes communities safer by…

Is the White House doing enough to fight anti-Semitism?

A fourth wave of bomb threats targeted 11 Jewish community centers on Monday, and more than 200 graves were vandalized at a Jewish cemetery outside St. Louis. The surge of anti-Semitism has Jewish communities on edge, and while the White House issued a statement condemning the violent threats, the statement itself did not mention Jews or anti-Semitism. The president himself finally denounced anti-…

Should the Feds be able to search your phone at the border?

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents are demanding access to travelers' phones at border crossings. Privacy advocates are concerned because it's a huge violation of privacy of the individual and their contacts. Proponents of the policy say law-abiding citizens have nothing to worry about, it's designed to keep everyone safe. What do you think? 📱…

Who should be chair of the Democratic National Committee: Keith Ellison or Tom Perez?

Tom Perez and Keith Ellison are the top contenders for chair of the Democratic National Committee. The contest is looking more and more like a Bernie Sanders–Hillary Clinton rematch, with "Ellison as the champion of the insurgent left and Perez as the candidate of the establishment." Many blame the DNC for the ugly divisions of the Democratic primary as well as Clinton's loss, and say any new lead…

Do you trust the White House to tell the truth?

President Trump's White House has a loose relationship with the truth; multiple senior officials have been busted for lying. Most recently, former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn resigned after it was reported he lied about the nature of his conversations with the Russian ambassador. Critics of the White House say the administration has lost all credibility. But supporters say it's actuall…

Should the U.S. put boots on the ground to fight ISIS?

The Pentagon is considering deploying troops to Northern Syria to defeat ISIS. Any formal deployment would ultimately have to be approved by President Trump. Proponents of the idea say American soldiers could quickly subdue ISIS and without straining regional tensions like other plans would. Critics of the idea say the U.S. government should cooperate with regional powers—and Russia—instead instea…

Is Alexander Acosta a good pick for Secretary of Labor?

President Donald Trump just selected R. Alexander Acosta as his replacement pick for Secretary of Labor—after his first pick, Andrew Puzder, backed down after a tape of his wife alleging domestic abuse surfaced. Acosta, a Florida law school dean, has previously served as an assistant attorney general. Acosta's boosters say he has background of bipartisan support and is a very moderate pick for Tru…

Should Donald Trump delete his Twitter account?

Donald Trump has adopted a unique approach to communicate directly to the American people—he tweets. Trump has said Twitter is "a great form of communication." But even the most careful individual can rub people the wrong way when limited to just 140 characters. Some critics say Trump should stay off Twitter, because his tweeting behavior makes the presidency look small and petty. Others say Twitt…