Is Melania Trump's cyberbullying campaign genuine?

In a speech to the United Nations, First Lady Melania Trump revisited her campaign promise to end cyberbullying by calling on world leaders to teach children the importance of the golden rule. Many have accused the FLOTUS of being a hypocrite for purporting to care about bullying while defending her husband and his notorious cyberbullying antics. But others think Melania is treated unfairly—her de…

Are military parades un-American?

President Trump wanted a military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue for his inauguration, and his administration is reportedly planning a "massive" military parade in Washington D.C. for July 4, 2018. Many are uncomfortable with the idea: military parades are often associated with dictators, not democracies, and spending millions on a parade seems wasteful. But others argue we should celebrate Ameri…

Who should win the Virginia governor's race: Ralph Northam or Ed Gillespie?

The Virginia gubernatorial race between Democrat Ralph Northam and Republican Ed Gillespie is a close one and has been unique in its civility—especially given the current political climate. Some have said the Virginia governor's race may be a strong indicator of what to expect in 2020, and the GOP believes it is imperative that Gillespie wins. But Northam has been leading in the polls, and Democra…

Should the GOP repeal Obamacare?

In a last-ditch effort, Republican Senators Bill Cassidy and Lindsey Graham introduced another Obamacare repeal bill that critics are claiming is the worst one yet. After months of failed healthcare attempts—despite years of repeal-and-replace rhetoric—Republicans are insisting this is their last chance to follow through on their promise and repeal Obamacare once a for all. But others think it's t…

Does the U.S. spend too much on the military?

By an 89-8 vote, the U.S. Senate just approved a massive increase in defense spending, adding $700 billion to the military budget. Critics say our military budget is already too big, and we need to start prioritizing domestic spending on health care, education, and infrastructure. But supporters argue America's safety and military must come first—with threats like North Korea on the horizon, cutti…

Should Hillary Clinton challenge the 2016 election results?

In a recent NPR interview with Terry Gross, Hillary Clinton said she wouldn't rule out challenging the 2016 election results given the mounting evidence of Russian interference. Many computer scientists urged Clinton to challenge the result immediately after the election, claiming they had evidence that vote totals could have been manipulated or hacked. But others are tired of re-litigating the 20…

Should the U.S. withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal?

In his first address to the United Nations, President Trump called the Iran nuclear deal an "embarrassment" and "one of the worst" deals the U.S. has ever made. Critics argue the Iran nuclear deal was a diplomatic debacle—Iran has a history of noncompliance and they aren't convinced the deal will actually prevent a nuclear Iran. But many world leaders say the deal is necessary to "avoid proliferat…

Did President Trump's U.N. speech help or hurt America's standing in the world?

In his first appearance at the U.N. General Assembly, President Trump gave a speech in which he vowed to "stop Islamic terrorism," called Iran a "rogue nation" and threatened to "totally destroy" North Korea—referring to Kim Jong-un as "rocket man." Many felt Trump's address weakened America's standing in the global community. But others believe Trump's speech was his best yet, strengthening Ameri…

Is it appropriate for celebrities to get political at award shows?

Celebrities often use award shows to voice their political opinions, and the 2017 Emmys were no different. With Stephen Colbert as host, a guest appearance from Sean Spicer and a particularly heated political climate, many of the night's stars were not shy in voicing their anti-Trump opinions. But critics say entertainers are meant to entertain, and should not use an award show to lecture people o…

Is the United Nations obsolete?

In his inaugural address to the United Nations, President Donald Trump claimed the U.N. has "not reached its full potential" due to "bureaucracy and mismanagement." Many have criticized the U.N. as being ineffective in addressing crises around the world, deeming the institution obsolete. But others argue the U.N. is extremely important to maintaining peace and stability in the world. What do you t…