Should food stamps come with restrictions on junk food?

Lawmakers often propose placing restrictions on food stamps to prevent recipients from wasting money. On the surface, it seems like a good idea—people will make better food choices while saving taxpayers money. Critics say restrictions would be nearly impossible to implement and would further stigmatize the poor. What do you think?…

Should the Endangered Species Act be rolled back?

Republicans want to roll back the Endangered Species Act because conservatives believe it is a broken law that's too often used to obstruct development. Environmentalists say the law is a huge success and should be preserved. It succeeded in restoring the bald eagle, gray wolf and other animal populations. What should be done?…

Do we still need NATO?

President elect Donald Trump says NATO is an "obsolete" program. Furthermore, he says it goes against American interests as some member nations don't pay their dues. Trump's critics say his rejection of NATO is a slap in the face to U.S. allies and could destabilize the international power balance. Trump's supporters think it's time America reconsiders its obligations to foreign nations to ensure…

Should the U.S. take in fewer refugees?

The global refugee crisis is likely to worsen over the next year for various reasons as people are displaced by operations against ISIS, famine in the Sahel, and various conflicts in the Middle East. Anti-immigration hardliners argue immigrants and refugees should be denied until all Americans are taken care of. Some worry terrorists could sneak in by hiding among refugees. Others say America is s…

Is it wrong for lawmakers to boycott the Trump inauguration?

At last count, 40 Democratic lawmakers are boycotting Donald Trump's inauguration. Some cited the President-elect's Twitter attack on civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) as their reason for not attending. Angry opponents say the boycott is unpatriotic and undermines the peaceful transfer of power democracy requires. Others argue there are serious questions about the legitimacy of Trump's ele…

Should Obamacare be preserved?

Republicans are set on repealing Obamacare despite lacking a replacement. They say Obamacare has been a disaster—it's driven up prices while while forcing people into bad health plans. In their eyes Obamacare should be repealed immediately to relieve Americans of this burden. Obamacare supporters say the law has given millions of Americans access to health care. They think it is possible to reform…

Should Obama pardon Chelsea Manning?

Activists are calling for president Obama to pardon Chelsea Manning before the President-elect Donald Trump comes to power. They worry Trump's administration will further mistreat Manning and make conditions even worse for her. Others say Manning belongs in prison for exposing U.S. secrets and putting people in danger. What do you think? …

Should health insurers be forced to cover pre-existing conditions?

As the battle over Obamacare continues, the Senate rejected amendments proposed by Democrats that would keep insurance coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. The Affordable Care Act eliminated pre-existing conditions in 2014, and many say allowing insurance companies to once again deny coverage or charge more based on a person's medical history would be disastrous. Others argue forcing…

Should being homeless be a crime?

In some cities, being homeless is a crime. Advocates for the homeless say criminalizing behavior such as sleeping in public, urban camping, and feeding the homeless is beyond cruel because it's targeting an already vulnerable community. Others say it is a public safety issue—they see homeless camps as havens for drug use and crime—and the city must treat it like one. What should be done?…

Should birth control be available over the counter?

Some women's health activists are pushing for birth control to be available over-the-counter. Requiring a prescription for birth control restricts access to a vital medication for women. Critics say birth control should only be prescribed by a doctor because of potentially serious side effects and contraindications. Some skeptics say expanding birth control could have the opposite effect if insure…

Do you still care about Donald Trump's tax returns?

Donald Trump will be the first president in 40 years not to disclose his federal income tax returns. Political watchdogs say tax returns would show who Trump owes money to and any charitable contributions. Trump supporters say his F.E.C. filing shows more than enough and voters don't really care. He won the election, get over it. What do you think?…

Should everyone be an organ donor by default?

Every French citizen will be an organ donor unless they opt-out under a new French law. Some activists say implementing an opt-out organ donation program would end the organ shortage in the United States. Others say an opt-out program could fuel distrust in the medical system and might negatively affect donation rates. What do you think? 💉…

Does Trump still need to divest from his businesses completely?

In his first press conference as President-elect, Donald Trump said he would not divest from his vast business holdings before he takes office. Instead, he's handing over management to a trust controlled by his sons, Eric Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. But ethics experts warn that keeping the business within his family still poses a massive conflict of interest between Trump's financial empire and se…