Who's the real George of Pop: George Michael or Boy George?

The world was blessed with not one, but two Georges of Pop in the '80s. But two British entertainers both named George only created a rivalry for pop music dominance between Boy George and George Michael. Boy George rose to prominence as the lead singer of the Culture Club, becoming an androgynous icon in the process. But George Michael is regarded as one of pop music's greatest icons and celebrat…

Should all awards be gender neutral?

MTV made history by deciding to make both the MTV Movie & TV Awards and the MTV Video Music Awards gender neutral. Emma Watson won Best Actor in a Movie, the first gender-neutral award at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, while MTV Video Music Awards combined the Best Female Video and Best Male Video categories into Artist of the Year. Skeptics, supporters, and critics are debating if major award shows l…

Favorite Latin pop boy band: CNCO or CD9?

CNCO and CD9 are today's rising Latin pop boy bands. Both groups are made up of five members who all sing or dance in sync. CD9 is a Mexican boy band that has put in the work; they released "The Party" EP independently in 2013 before being signing with Sony Music México and releasing chart topping LPs "CD9" and "EVOLUTION." CNCO made their breakthrough in 2016 with "Primera Cita," winning Teen Cho…

Who's the strongest Marvel superhero: Hulk or Thor?

Hulk and Thor are brothers-in-arms as Avengers. But in the movies, animated series, and comics—the powerhouses are constantly fighting about who is "the strongest one there is." Hulk popularized the phrase "Hulk strongest one there is," but even Marvel icon Stan Lee has argued that Thor, a Norse God, is the strongest. We'll leave it up to you to settle one of Marvel's greatest debates. We all know…

Favorite K-pop group: BTS or EXO?

BTS and EXO are clearly K-pop's hottest supergroups right now. Both groups have multiple members, who all sing or rap, and dance in unison. BTS is garnering international praise and growth in popularity after winning Billboard's Top Social Artist award. But EXO is back and ready for war—bringing its best game with the group's highly anticipated new album, "The War." Who is the top K-pop group? 🎤…

Best CW superhero show: 'Arrow' or 'The Flash'?

"Arrow" and "The Flash" truly reinvented live-action super-heroics on the small screen, and both shows have remained popular since their debuts on the CW. "Arrow" premiered in fall 2012 as a crime-fighting drama, and paved the way for future DC superhero shows. "The Flash" premiered two years later but brought a fun and adventurous tone. DC fans often use the shows' tones, characters, and storylin…

Ultimate zombie show: 'Z Nation' or 'The Walking Dead'?

The undead are all over TV, but SYFY's "Z Nation" and AMC's "The Walking Dead" have arguably two of the strongest geek followings. While "Z Nation" doesn't compete with super-high ratings, the action-packed comedy series is a creative and fun alternative to the dark and gritty "TWD." Yet, no matter how gloomy and violent "The Walking Dead" is sometimes, the drama remains one of the highest rated s…

Who would win in an all-out brawl: Justice League or the Avengers?

DC Comics and Marvel Comics have been going head-to-head for decades. Yet, nothing stokes geek rage like the argument over which superhero team would win in a fight: DC's Justice League or Marvel's the Avengers. The Justice League's heavy-hitters are considered more powerful; DC Comics does have Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. But the Avengers boast a roster of bonafide Marvel badasses—includin…