Should all designers ban fur?

PETA rejoice! Burberry announced it will no longer sell fur. Activist are elated the London-based brand will no longer incorporate animal products into their designs because "modern luxury means social responsibility." Other designers have also decided to go fur free but for others, the decision isn't unanimous. Some luxury designers feel fur is a big industry that employs many people and means...
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Is 'Harry Potter' the best literary series ever?

Fans revere the "Harry Potter" series as one of the best literary series ever, if not the greatest. J.K. Rowling has been praised for writing the entire series, which has been adapted into film—grossing an estimated $7.7 billion globally. But some fans don't like the latest book and accompanying stage play, "Harry Potter & The Cursed Child." Others feel like the literary series is just too...
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Has Kanye West destroyed his reputation?

While some think Kanye West is planning a presidential run in 2020, others argue his political shenanigans are costing him his legacy. After showing support for President Trump, criticizing Barack Obama and proclaiming slavery was a choice–many have jumped off his bandwagon. With acclaimed projects out this year—including "Ye," skeptics debated whether or not to support him. He recently...
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Does 'The Bobby Brown Story' top 'The New Edition Story'?

Fans love all the nostalgic vibes of "The Bobby Brown Story"and "The New Edition Story." BET's "The Bobby Brown Story" premiered on Tuesday, Sept. 4 and gives fans an intimate look back at the world of the original "bad boy," Bobby Brown. "The New Edition Story" hit BET in 2017 and received such rave reviews the network followed up with "The Bobby Brown Story," but which biographical miniseries...
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Best dressed: Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton?

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton always step out looking their best. But being a full-time fashionista isn't easy especially when you have a strict dress code to follow. Both ladies do have teams to help style them, but they seem to never miss a beat. People Magazine recently named Markle as the best-dressed star of 2018, but Page Six reported Middleton's style is more popular. Whose style are...
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Favorite Tim Burton fantasy film: 'Beetlejuice' or 'Edward Scissorhands'?

"Beetlejuice" and "Edward Scissorhands" are breakout cult classic blockbusters directed by the lauded director Tim Burton. The imaginative director is known for his dark and gothic style. "Beetlejuice" is a dark comedy-fantasy classic about a grotesque ghost who appears when his name is called and wreaks havoc, while "Edward Scissorhands" is gothic fantasy-romance about an artificial man who is...
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Are skinny jeans dead?

Styles come and go, and skinny jeans are no exception. The slim-legged denim jeans had a good run, but some are saying they have ran their course. Bootcut jeans and Boyfriend jeans have become wardrobe staples, and are considered a replacement option. Skinny jeans tend to be uncomfortable, unflattering and can even cut off circulation. But the trend keeps popping up year after year trying to...
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Greatest male rock vocalist of all time: Freddie Mercury or Robert Plant?

Queen's Freddie Mercury and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin are two of the greatest frontmen in rock history, with a ton of stage presence and swagger, backed by legendary musicians like Brian May and Jimmy Page. How does Freddie Mercury’s range measure up to Plant’s bluesy wail? Mercury said Plant was his favorite singer and Plant loved Queen. Both are amazing, but who's the greatest male rock...
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Whose side are you on: Machine Gun Kelly or G-Eazy?

Machine Gun Kelly believes G-Eazy is trying to steal his style. Some even say the entire fued is really over a girl, but regardless, they both released diss tracks about each other. G-Eazy recently released a track dissing the "Wild Boy" rapper on a song called "Bad Boy," during which he attacks MGK's lack of music sales. MGK came for Eazy during a freestyle with Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex. He...
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Is Beyoncé the Michael Jackson of this generation?

Beyoncé is the epitome of slayage, and she has brought nothing less to each and every performance—ever since she took center stage as a solo performer at 2003 BET Awards. The BeyHive refers to Queen Bey as the greatest living entertainer, with many going as far as to compare her to the late King of Pop. But plenty of doubters concede that while Bey is a successful crossover performer, there will...
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