Which style is your favorite: Street or chic?

2018 New York Fashion Week has kicked off. But regardless of what's on the runway—street style or a softer chic look—both will always be in fashion. Teyana Taylor loves urban wear. She is typically spotted in jeans and a pair of bamboo earrings, but she can throw on a pair of pumps to elevate the look. Lupita Nyong'o's look is classic, timeless and she always wows on the red carpet with a chic...
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Best Bollywood epic: 'Lagaan' or 'Asoka'?

Historical epics are as much a part of Bollywood as wet saris or playback singers. Makes sense that a culture with a history spanning millennia—full of wars, intrigue, and religions—would love to see it all played out on screen. Some are controversial, while others are inspiring or tragic, but they're all big, splashy events. This time around, we're pairing off two famous epics, "Lagaan" and...
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Is the Conjuring Universe actually better than the DC Extended Universe?

With the debut of "The Nun," the Conjuring Universe now boasts as many films as the DCEU (until "Aquaman" debuts later this year). While the Conjuring Universe has a significantly higher Rotten Tomatoes average, the DCEU has grossed more at the box office. However, the Conjuring Universe has grossed over $1.2 billion worldwide on a cumulative budget of $81.5 million—arguably making it Warner...
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Favorite super martial artist: Iron Fist or Colleen Wing?

The second season of "Iron Fist" is now streaming on Netflix, and while the reviews still aren't that good, let's keep in mind the critically-panned first season was a streaming hit. While fans criticized "Iron Fist, and actor Finn Jones, Colleen Wing received a lot of praise for being a badass and the breakout character from the series. Some would agree that Colleen is actually the baddest...
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Best Bollywood dance number: 'Chaiyya Chaiyya' or 'Dola Re Dola'?

The tradition of music and dance in Indian theater predates the film industry, but history or no, Bollywood wouldn’t be Bollywood without lavish, lively dance routines. But what movie has the best dance sequence? We pair off two famous choreographed songs, "Chaiyya Chaiyya" and "Dola Re Dola." That both come from Shah Rukh Khan movies is, of course, coincidence. Maybe. Which one makes you want...
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Who will survive the new 'Halloween' movie: Laurie Strode or Michael Myers?

The latest trailer to "Halloween" showcases a rematch between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers nearly 40 years after the original "Halloween" hit theaters in 1978. While Strode survived Myers' rampage four decades ago, her sequels have been retconned and grandma Strode is ready to take on The Shape again. The silent, but deadly Myers is coming back in the direct sequel to the original film to...
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Captain Marvel vs. Superman: Who's more powerful?

While the first look at "Captain Marvel" didn't break the Internet like Brie Larson promised, it did spark a debate that the superheroine is the most powerful within the Marvel universe and could take on DC's top gun Superman. Captain Marvel can absorb and project energy, has super strength, flight, durability and stamina. But Superman is regarded as the quintessential superhero—being known as...
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Favorite Jonas couple: Nick and Priyanka, or Joe and Sophie?

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra as well as Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are definitely the "it" couples right now. Both couples got engaged fairly quickly, but appear to be madly in love. Nick and Priyanka became engaged only two months after going steady. Joe and Sophie waited about a year before they announced their engagement in 2017. Both are love goals, but if you could only choose one—which...
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Are e-readers dying?

Every year on National Read A Book Day bibliophiles may celebrate by rushing to their local bookstore or picking out a new selection on their e-reader. But there's a shift in how folks are reading on any day, and the convenience of the e-reader may ultimately lose out to physical books. E-readers skyrocketed in popularity after the Amazon Kindle was introduced in 2007, only to experience a sharp...
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Who's the real piano man: Billy Joel or Elton John?

Billy Joel and Elton John are both pianists, singers, and songwriters. The New York Times described them as "two gifted, idiosyncratic artists who exist... between pop and rock, where Broadway show tunes, classical compositions, ragtime, gospel and rock-and-roll mingle freely." The two have also had an off-and-on friendship and/or rivalry. But who is really the greater music legend? 🎹 The Tylt...
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