Cinema's meanest mean girl: Regina George or Kathryn Merteuil?

Oct. 3 is National Mean Girls Day, where we celebrate cinema's nastiest mean girls. Beyond this special day where we wear pink, there are two queen bees who should be celebrated year round for their brilliantly-crafted cruelty. Pop culture lovers argue Kathryn Merteuil from "Cruel Intentions" (1999) and Regina George from "Mean Girls" (2004) are equally deserving of the crown for most conniving,...
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Who do you trust more for fashion advice: Magazine journalists or bloggers?

Fashion and beauty magazines have been considered the bible of style for decades, but now vloggers and bloggers are the new sheriffs in town. Magazines like Vogue adhere to journalistic standards when they talk about brands and designers unlike bloggers who may be getting paid unbeknownst to you for posts and promotions. But high fashion mags lack in diversity and bloggers are known to serve...
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Ultimate Pop Group Fan Army: Limelights or 5SOSFam?

5 Seconds of Summer's 5SOSFam and Why Don't We's Limelights eliminated the competition in the first two rounds of our Ultimate Band Stans bracket. Now, the fandoms are going head-to-head in the semi-finals for the ultimate title. The Limelights got Why Don't We to step out into their own light, while 5SOS recently dropped a chart-topping third album "Youngblood" and the group's successful grand...
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Ultimate Pop Group Fan Army: Harmonizers or Coders?

Fifth Harmony's Harmonizers and CD9's Coders triumphed over the competition in the first two rounds of our Ultimate Band Stans bracket. Now, the fandoms are going head-to-head in the semi-finals for the ultimate title. CD9 has been hustling since 2013, becoming one of top Latin pop boy bands with the help of their Coders. But Harmonizers helped 5H slay as one of the top girl groups of the last...
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Is Kanye West trolling us just to generate interest for his new album?

Kanye West has been spending a lot of time on Twitter. The rapper had folks in a tizzy after he tweeted that the Thirteenth Amendment, the law that ended slavery, should be amended because it enslaves prisoners. A few months back, West tweeted out he thinks slavery was a choice. Fans have noticed that West only makes these outrageous statements when he has a new project coming out. Is he trolling...
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Most iconic Julie Andrews musical: 'Mary Poppins' or 'The Sound of Music'?

Julie Andrews is now 83 years old, and fans are celebrating the sound of music she brought to her most classic performances. Andrews rose to prominence with the Disney classic "Mary Poppins," winning the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1965. Although she did not win the Oscar for "The Sound of Music," the iconic musical won Best Picture in 1966. Which legendary musical is your favorite? 🎶🎥
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Is H&M still canceled?

H&M is having a tumultuous year. According to Business of Fashion, the retail giant's share price rose despite its falling profits. At the top of 2018, the retail store caught major heat after one of their advertisements put a young black boy in a "monkey" shirt. The brand has also been accused of not paying their workers living wages. But they have created lines in support of the LGBTQ...
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Are the Kardashians culture vultures?

The Kardashians are the most recognizable family in America. The clan has been sharing their lives with the world since 2007 and show no signs of slowing down. The Kardashians are loved for their style and beauty and as a family unit, their contributions to the beauty and fashion industry are unparalleled. But the family has also been criticized over the years for appropriating black culture,...
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More iconic punk rock band: Green Day or Blink-182?

Grunge and alternative weren't the only rock genres that dominated the '90s, punk-rock also re-emerged as a popular music genre before the turn of the century. Green Day spearheaded mainstream punk rock with its highly successful third studio album "Dookie." But in the late '90s, Blink-182 further propelled punk rock with its mainstream LP release, "Enema of the State," and the band's top 10 pop...
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Is 'Watch What Happens Live' entertaining or too messy?

"Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" is known for spilling tea. The show airs Sundays-Thursdays on Bravo, and Cohen gets personal with everyone in entertainment from your favorite reality stars to actors. No question is off limits, which makes the show immensely entertaining. At times, the show can be too messy, fuel feuds and dives too deep into a celebrity's personal business. Is this show...
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