Which is better to watch: Winter Olympics or 'The Bachelor Winter Games'?

Every four years, millions around the world watch as international athletes gather to compete at the highest levels in the Winter Olympics. But the Bachelor Nation would rather watch "The Bachelor Winter Games" spinoff. "The Bachelor Winter Games" gathers former bachelors, bachelorettes and contestants from around the world to compete in winter games. Some call the spinoff just a silly ripoff of t…

Do we really want a 'House Party' reboot?

LeBron James has signed on to produce a reboot of the cult classic "House Party," and purists are offended. Critics argue Kid 'n Play made "House Party" what it is; the original film really captured the essence of early '90s hip-hop culture among Generation X. Other skeptics just don't see the reboot being successful with James' involvement. But others are excited that "Atlanta" writers Stephen Gl…

Which '90s sitcom do you want to come back: 'Seinfeld' or 'Friends'?

Jerry Seinfeld once dissed "Friends," calling it a ripoff of "Seinfeld" but "with better-looking people." Both shows were arguably as popular, arguably as white and arguably as missed. Fans would love to see these classics back on TV. Jerry confirmed a revival is definitely possible. Jenifer Aniston recently said that a "Friends" revival could also happen. (We have Ellen DeGeneres to thank for get…

Favorite '90s Nickelodeon show: 'All That' or 'Kenan & Kel'?

You're not a true '90s kid unless you watched Nickelodeon classics "All That" and "Kenan & Kel." Because duh—Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell made the shows laugh-out-loud funny. Kenan and Kel just reunited. This means '90s kids are old now, and we should all vote on their most iconic comedy pairing. "All That" created popular sketch characters, like Repair Man, Ed, Pierre Escargot, and Superdude.…

Are the Beatles overrated?

The Beatles have been dubbed the best band in pop music history, but were the Fab Four really all that? Some say there are plenty of legit reasons to dislike them; superstar producer Quincy Jones threw serious shade at the Liverpudlians in a recent interview, calling them "the worst musicians in the world."  But whether you like their sound or not, they reinvented modern popular music and influenc…

Is Amy Schumer's 'I Feel Pretty' an offensive approach to body positivity?

Amy Schumer's new comedy "I Feel Pretty" tackles body positivity, but following the release of the film's trailer, plenty of women feel offended more than anything. Critics say portraying Schumer as "unattractive" is unrealistic in world that praises her Eurocentric aesthetic; detractors also argue the film is actually a step backwards by poking fun at different body types. But others supports Sch…

Should parents boycott 'Peter Rabbit'?

The Internet is outraged, but this time it's surprisedly over a children's film. Upset parents are boycotting "Peter Rabbit," claiming the film encourages kids to bully people with food allergies due to a scene that mocks the antagonist's food allergy to blackberries. Sony issued an apology. Detractors argue the real dangers are hypersensitivity, overreaction and "cancel culture." Others say paren…

Who's the real king of late night: Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel?

Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon are among today's great late night hosts and while they both share the same name, they've also distinguished themselves from one another. Kimmel is celebrated for poking fun at celebrities and pulling pranks on his long-running show, ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" But Fallon brings lighthearted goofiness and interactive activities to NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fal…

Favorite Disney villain: Loki or Kylo Ren?

If Disney is known for anything it's well-crafted evil antagonists to a film's hero. The Star Wars franchise and Marvel Cinematic Universe only expanded Disney's array of evil characters, and arguably the most favored villains are Loki and Kylo Ren. The charming Loki is widely known as the greatest MCU villain—having appeared in three Thor movies, "The Avengers" and the upcoming "Infinity Wars." B…

Does 'Skyscraper' look too much like 'Die Hard'?

The trailer to "Skyscraper," an upcoming action flick with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, dropped during the Super Bowl to some mixed reactions. While some pointed out that the jumping stunt is just unrealistic, others thought the trailer looked familiar. The film was called out for looking too much like the classic Christmas action epic "Die Hard." Others could care less, "Skyscraper" looks originall…