Best hip-hop artist of 2018 so far: Cardi B or Drake?

Cardi B and Drake are dominating mainstream hip-hop with hits on top of hits this year, and we're only like six months in. Drizzy scored two #1 hits with "God's Plan" and "Nice for What." Cardi released her highly anticipated debut studio album "Invasion of Privacy," topping the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart—and she continues to break records with her hits. Who's the best hip-hop artist of 2018...
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Best breakout pop star of 2018 so far: Camila Cabello or Dua Lipa?

Camila Cabello and Dua Lipa were both buzzing in 2017, but their hard work is paying off in 2018. Dua started her climb with "New Rules" in 2017 and the success of the hit single has carried over into 2018. Ever since, she has scored even more smashes, topping the UK Singles Chart with "One Kiss," produced by Calvin Harris. But Camila simultaneously scored a chart-topping single with "Havana" and...
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Best group of 2018 so far: BTS or 5 Seconds of Summer?

BTS and 5 Seconds of Summer blessed their fans with new music in 2018, and that's exactly why they are on track to ruling the year. Australia's 5SOS dropped their highly-anticipated third album "Youngblood" in mid-June, and the title track has already topped the ARIA Singles Chart. South Korea's BTS continues to dominate the world of pop. The K-pop superstars recently won their second...
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Best pop star comeback of 2018 so far: Ariana Grande or Shawn Mendes?

Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes are both praised pop stars whose work and talent have put them on the rise for years. Arianators and the Mendes Army were ready for new music in 2018—and that's exactly what they got! Ariana scored yet another hit with her comeback single "No Tears Left to Cry." Shawn also returned and dropped his third consecutive album to top the Billboard 200. Which pop star had...
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Are pearls the new diamonds?

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but according to Vogue and rapper Young Thug that may change. The "Best Friend" rapper recently posted an Instagram story showing off his new layered pearl necklaces over diamond-encrusted chains. Some argue that diamonds are actually overrated, but they also have been the standard. Are pearls the latest fashion trend? 
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Who's the best 'Star Trek' captain: Kirk or Picard?

If you want to rile up Trekkies, just ask them who's the best captain in the franchise. James Tiberius Kirk, portrayed by William Shatner, was the franchise's first real captain (sorry, Captain Pike fans) and later rebooted in J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" film series (played by Chris Pine). But so many fans argue Jean-Luc Picard is actually the best captain, and we have the incredible Patrick Stewart...
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Is 'Creed II' worth seeing?

The trailer for "Creed II" just dropped and someone is coming for revenge. The main character Adonis Creed, portrayed by Michael B. Jordan, is going head-to-head with the son of Russian brawler Ivan Drago. Drago is the fighter who killed Creed's father in "Rocky IV." The film looks exciting and fans are pumped to see Creed and Drago duke it out in the ring. But some fans are tired of the "Creed"...
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Which classic diva has the best voice: Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey?

In their heydays, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston had mad range—five octaves to be exact! It has been long debated which diva has the best voice. Whitney's honorific title is "The Voice," and she's the most awarded female artist in music history. But Mariah's voice has garnered her more #1 hits than any other solo act in music history, and she's one of the few artists who can sing in the whistle...
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Is a Michael Jackson stage play worth watching?

Its been almost 10 years since we said goodbye to one of the greatest entertainers of all time. Michael Jackson was so impactful that now his estate and Columbia Live Stage are producing a stage play around his life. The show is still in development and slated to hit the stage in 2020. Some fans are concerned that no one is talented enough to play the king of pop. Will you be buying a Broadway...
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Favorite popular alternative hip-hop artist: Macklemore or Post Malone?

Macklemore and Post Malone are compared because, yes, they're two white rappers—but also due to their distinctive alternative styles and zealous fandoms. Macklemore dropped his solo LP "Gemini" in 2017. While some miss Ryan Lewis, others love Macklemore as a solo artist. He's the star! Post Malone is scoring smash after smash these days—including "Congratulations," "Rockstar" and "Psycho." Which...
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