Are celebrity brawls entertaining or just embarrassing?

Celebrity feuds may make for entertaining headlines, but some argue celebrity brawls are next-level embarrassing. Pacifists would never condone violence and will call out a celeb for setting a bad example. But that hasn't reportedly stopped celebs like Cardi B and Mark Burnett from attacking their enemies and providing cheerers with good entertainment. Cardi reportedly tried to throw her shoe at...
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Will 'Mary Poppins Returns' be worth watching?

Disney's "Mary Poppins Returns" will hit theaters in December, and fans of the original classic are elated. "Mary Poppins" was released in 1964 and followed a fantastical magic nanny as she helps raise three wealthy children. In the new film, Poppins returns to helps one of the former children, who is now grown with his own kids. Some say Disney ruins classics, but "Mary Poppins" fans can't...
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Favorite '90s family sitcom: 'Full House' or 'Family Matters'?

"Full House" and "Family Matters" are two of the most iconic family sitcoms ever. While both shows premiered in the '80s, they are forever cemented into '90s popular culture. "Full House" premiered on Sept. 22, 1987, and "Family Matters" debuted on the same day in 1989. "Full House" remained one of the highest rated shows from 1988 until it ended. "Family Matters" became the second-longest...
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Who’s the king of martial arts films: Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan?

Martial arts movies, especially the fast-paced gems of Hong Kong cinema, have produced an array of international stars including Michelle Yeoh, Jet Li and Chow Yun Fat. But the undisputed greatest stars of the genre are Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan (seriously, Chuck who?). Bruce Lee is pure kung fu power, and Jackie Chan is an unparalleled stunt actor. But which star is the greatest? 👊 The Tylt...
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Is it acceptable to wear lingerie outside in public?

Bella Hadid was spotted outside in a corset because wearing lingerie outdoors is now considered acceptable to some. Hadid, Kim Kardashian and Winnie Harlow have all been spotted outside in bedroom wear. The trend has now spread and now everyday women can be caught wearing a lacy number and a pair of kicks. But, as always, some trolls online aren't feeling the look. But fashion experts say the...
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Is the DC Extended Universe doomed?

The DC Extended Universe just can't catch a break! Both Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill will reportedly no longer play the DCEU's Batman and Superman. "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," "Suicide Squad" and "Justice League" all received mixed to critically panned reviews. Some skeptics have lost hope in the universe, but die-hard DCEU fans believe the universe can still turn things around. The...
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Does 'Sharknado' top 'Jaws'?

Forget "The Meg." "Jaws" and "Sharknado" are the real shark movies. The "Sharknado" franchise does sharks like no other. The made-for-tv film started out as a joke, but celebrity cameos, gore and the graphics make the film. "Jaws," on the other hand, is a movie that transcended basic summer blockbuster trash to become one of the greatest films of all time, exciting, rewatchable and beautifully...
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Which pop-R&B heartthrob do you love the most: Nick Jonas or Zayn Malik?

Nick Jonas and Zayn Malik have been teasing their fans with new music in 2018, although we are all waiting on the new albums. Regardless, fans constantly feel teased by their crooning and good looks. Jonas may be off the market, but Iconicks still love him for his abs, and are bumping his latest bops "Anywhere" and "Right Now." Malik keeps releasing bop after bop like "Too Much" and melting...
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Did 'Fringe' top 'The X-Files'?

Sci-fi fans are celebrating 25 years of "The X-Files," a show that paved the way for other science fiction series like "Fringe." The iconic series is about two FBI agents who investigate weird phenomena, and "Fringe" similarly showcased strange sci-fi investigations. But some argue that "Fringe" came into its own and was actually better than "The X-Files." However, "Fringe" only lasted for five...
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Is it fair for people to cancel 'Model Squad'?

E!'s "Model Squad" is under fire. The new docu-series follows working models as they navigate their way through the fashion industry. Model Devon Windsor is currently under fire for making an insensitive comment. One of the models was discussing the struggles she faces as a woman of color in fashion, but instead of listening, Windsor replied she could relate because as a blonde she has to get...
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