Tom Hardy's best role: Mad Max or Bane?

Tom Hardy is now 40 years old, and he's hotter than ever. The movie star has brought some very famous characters back to the silver screen with definitive performances. He took over the role of Max Rockatansky and helped breathe new life into the "Mad Max" franchise. But he also famously played the supervillain Bane with a booming and menacing voice in "The Dark Knight Rises." Which role is his be…

Is 'Mother' worth seeing?

The highly anticipated "Mother" is out in theaters. While many fans are ready to see Darren Aronofsky's latest thriller, others argue the film is too long and hard to follow. Buzzfeed's Alison Willmore writes "Mother!" isn't for everyone. Willmore reports the movie is hard to love, but you won't forget the unconventional horror film either. Aronofsky's work is revered and fans understand his work…

Nas' most iconic album: 'Illmatic' or 'It Was Written'?

Nas is now 44 years old, and he's celebrated for being one of the most respected hip-hop artists ever. His albums from the '90s are regarded as iconic. Nas released his debut album "Illmatic" in 1994; the highly-lauded LP is called one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time. But Nas reached a level of mainstream popularity with "It Was Written," which debuted atop the Billboard Top 200 Albums…

Amy Winehouse's best song: 'Rehab' or 'Back to Black'?

Amy Winehouse would have turned 34 years old on Sept. 14, 2017, but she tragically passed away in 2011 from alcohol poisoning. Though the pop-soul star will forever be missed, her legacy will live on forever. "Rehab" was a breakout hit for Amy, becoming a huge worldwide pop success. But "Back to Black" is regarded as one of her signature gems, which also happens to be the title of her biggest albu…

Which album is Tupac's most iconic?

It's been 21 years since Tupac, arguably the greatest rapper of all time, died from fatal gunshot wounds on Sept. 13, 1996. Despite his short-lived career, Tupac's music legacy will thrive forever. When "Me Against the World" topped the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart, Pac became the first artist to have a #1 LP while in prison. But "All Eyez on Me" is an acclaimed sentimental favorite, being relea…

Niall Horan's best song: 'This Town' or 'Slow Hands'?

Niall Horan is now 24 years old and fans are celebrating the rising pop star. He's done pretty well for himself following his days as a One Direction member. "This Town" is Niall's break out hit since going solo in 2016. But "Slow Hands" is currently Niall's biggest hit on the Billboard Hot 100. Which song is Niall's best so far? 🎸…

Ultimate Fan Army: BTS ARMY or Vampettes?

BTS is among K-pop's most powerful acts, while the Vamps have filled the U.K.'s void for a young pop-rock band. Both groups have faced off before for the title of "Best Boy Band of 2017," and while it was a super close call, BTS won with 187 more votes. The BTS ARMY is the reason why the international superstars won Top Social Artist at the Billboard Awards. The Vamps have been on the rise for a f…

Ultimate Fan Army: Mixers or Harmonizers?

Fifth Harmony and Little Mix are the hottest girl groups of 2017, and their fandoms make sure they stay slaying. Harmonizers supported 5H through the group's lineup change after Camila Cabello went solo in late 2016. Little Mix is the hottest girl group in the U.K. since the Spice Girls, and it's all thanks to the dedication from Mixers. Which fan army is the most mobilized? 📣…

Ultimate Fan Army: Beliebers or Mendes Army?

Canada is one lucky place; the country is home to not one, but two resident pop heartthrobs—Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes. These crooners are on top of their game, quite literally because of their awesome fandoms. Beliebers have stood by Justin's side for years, and now he's Billboard's current top male artist. The highly-talented Shawn Mendes has been on the rise for the last two years, and he's…

Ultimate Fan Army: Arianators or Selenators?

Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez are today's pop princesses, and their fan armies have made them this generation's top pop acts. Like Nicki Minaj rapped, Arianators believe "young Ariana run pop." Selenators have stood by the young star through relationship drama and gossip, and have propelled her growing music career. The best is yet to come from these stars because of the fandom. Which fan army is…