Ultimate Fan Army: Zquad or Skeleton Clique?
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Ultimate Fan Army: Zquad or Skeleton Clique?

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Zayn Malik and Twenty One Pilots made mega pop breakthroughs in 2016. While both acts slayed in 2016, they also grew their respective fan armies—Zquad and the Skeleton Clique. Zayn faced a lot of backlash from Directioners after he left 1D back in 2015, but in 2016, he built up his Zquad to stan his rising solo career. Twenty One Pilots has inspired their clique with upbeat music that pushes a message of hopeWhich fan army is the most mobilized? 📣

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For more than a year, fan armies have participated in a variety of polls and debates dedicated to the finest icons in all of pop-music, repping the young pop stars they "stan" for. And now the Tylt wants to honor today's most mobilized fan bases by crowning the Ultimate Fan Army of 2017.

Ultimate Fan Army—it's a cool title to have, but there are NOT any real losers. Y'all have been the absolute best this year, so no one goes home empty-handed: losing fan armies will be honored with their own unique title and the opportunity to pick the next Tylt debate featuring their favorite artist. Fan armies, it's time to get in formation. Who reps their favorite young pop star the hardest?

In the first round—the Sheerios, Rihanna Navy, XO Crew, EXO-Ls, Selenators, Mendes Army, Harmonizers, and Vampettes were all eliminated, but gifted with their own honorific titles for their dedication.

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It couldn't have been an easy task to leave the biggest boy band in the world in 2015, but Zayn decided it was best for him. And his fans definitely supported him. While the Directioners were upset, many transitioned to fans of all the former 1D stars.

Zayn didn't just change acts, he changed sounds. He went from being a pop-rock act with 1D to an alternative R&B superstar as a solo artist. And it all paid off because the Zquad clearly supported "Pillowtalk" going #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in early 2016. Though Zquad has been supportive during Zayn's anxiety issues, he's been on the upswing since the launch of his solo career.

The Skeleton Clique are definitely motivated by Twenty One Pilots, with the band's positive message of hope and inspiration. 2016 marked a major breakthrough for the band, with mainstream hits like "Ride," "Stressed Out" and "Heathens."

The Skeleton Clique might be the most mobilized rock fan army out there; they've repped the rap-rock duo in a variety of online polls and award show voting to show their love and appreciation. Now, it's time to do it again!

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