Who's the better Batman: Ben Affleck or Christian Bale?
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Who's the better Batman: Ben Affleck or Christian Bale?

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Ben Affleck took over the Batman mantle after the DC Comics went all shared universe to compete with Marvel. Many Batman fans (and critics) never thought Affleck could fill Christian Bale's shoes, following the commercial and critical success of "The Dark Knight" trilogy. And many critics still wish Bale's franchise was the one that launched the DCEU-related films. Others argue Affleck brought something fresh to the role in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." So, who's the better Batman?

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If you think that "Who's the best Spider-Man?" is polarizing geek debate, wait until you get a load of this one. Yes, there's been many live-action adaptations of Batman, and comic book geeks have been debating who's the best Batman for decades. 

But the younglings debate Bale versus Affleck, simply because they are the most recent live-action iterations of the iconic Dark Knight. 


Why the Guardian's Ben Child says Bale will always be the best Batman:

It’s hard to remember what a shock to the system Bale’s debut turn as Batman was in 2005: the Welsh-born actor – for better or for worse – almost single-handedly forced Hollywood to take superheroes seriously. Batman Begins arrived in cinemas at a time when studios were largely clueless as to how to realise comic book material on the big screen. It gave us the caped crusader’s first proper origins story, and didn’t shy away from the grim reality of Bruce Wayne’s angst-ridden existence. Bale gave us a Batman we could believe in, in more ways than one.
Crucially the character is never overplayed: Bale may wish he had mined the horrors of the dark knight’s ruined soul more thoroughly across the Nolan trilogy, but Heath Ledger’s razor-edged Joker was always going to need a less flamboyant foil. Bale’s performance levels dipped slightly for the final instalment, The Dark Knight Rises, but his jaded, late-era Bats is still head and shoulders above any of his rivals. Critics always mention the silly gruff voice, yet it’s really just a clever way of maintaining one’s secret identity while scaring the bejesus out of more fragile opponents.

Cinema Blend's Conner Schwerdtfeger says Affleck does an amazing job of capturing the essence of Batman. Here are his seven reasons why Affleck is the best at portraying Batman:

  1. He Fights Like Batman
  2. He’s a Brilliant Strategist
  3. He Actually Looks Like Batman
  4. He Trains Like Batman
  5. He Pulls Off Bruce Wayne AND Batman
  6. He Showcases Real Detective Skills
  7. He Nails the Tortured Psychology of The Dark Knight

Affleck brought something fresh to Batsy that surprised many fans.

Bale's performance as the Dark Knight is acclaimed, and not everyone takes Affleck serious as an actor. 

Affleck's hit or miss, and that's why fans wish he never played Batman.

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