Who's better: Kendrick Lamar or Drake?
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Who's better: Kendrick Lamar or Drake?

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Kendrick Lamar released new heat with his latest song, "The Heart Part 4." Fans argue he not only dissed Drake on the track, but it also tops Drake's latest album "More Life." While the rappers are on opposite ends on the rap spectrum, they are often compared and pitted up against each other. Kendrick is arguably this generation's greatest rapper, but Drake is a bigger artist overall. Drizzy fans say he's still on top, regardless. What do you think? 🎤

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Listen to Kendrick's new fire  "The Heart Part 4" below. Fans say it's either about Drake or Big Sean. Or both.


My fans can't wait for me to son ya punk-ass
And crush ya whole lil' shit
I'll Big Pun ya punk-ass, you a scared little bitch
Tiptoein' around my name, nigga, you lame
And when I get at you, homie
Don't you just tell me you was just playin'
Oh, I was just playin', K-Dot
C'mon, you know a nigga rock with you, bro
Shut the fuck up, you sound like the last nigga I know

Still—Drake is #1. Just look at those "More Life" sales.

Listen to Drake's playlist "More Life" below.

Rap fans say Kendrick definitely decked Drake.

Drizzy fans will give Kendrick his due, but the former is bigger artist for a reason.

People want to forget that Drake's on top? Oh OK.

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