Which Christmas song is truly trash for the masses?

Which Christmas song is truly trash for the masses?

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We kicked off our month-long Christmas bracket with 16 truly horrible holiday anthems, and our voters have narrowed it down to the Final Four! "The Christmas Shoes," a maudlin number about a child too poor to buy shoes for his dying mother on Christmas Eve, battles it out with David Hasselhoff's rendition of "The Night Before Christmas," which one reviewer called "the Yuletide soundtrack from Hell." But which song is truly trash? 🎄🗑🎄

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It’s that time of year again! We’ve taken the 16 most reviled Christmas songs, pitted them against each other all month long, and now we're down to the Final Four! Don't forget to cast your vote in our other thrilling head-to-head debate as we determine the worst Christmas song ever! 🎄 🎤🎄

Which song ruins Christmas: "Wonderful Christmastime" or '"The Chipmunk Song"?


Mike McPadden of Death and Taxes puts "The Christmas Shoes" on his all-time top 13 most depressing holiday songs list, calling it a "psychotically schmaltzy schlock favorite.” This tune is so bad it inspired a 2002 Rob Lowe TV movie. In a must-see rant, Patton Oswalt calls it "the most horrific Christmas song" ever written. Why would Jesus care what shoes a dead person is wearing? THIS SONG MAKES NO SENSE.🎄🗑🎄

Patton pretty much destroys "The Christmas Shoes" in this bit. Is the song still🗑 if it inspired a takedown this good?

When you think of David Hasselhoff, "Baywatch," "Knight Rider,"  or drunken, shirtless cheeseburger consumption probably spring to mind—not Yuletide tunes. But the Hoff's extensive discography includes a 2004 Christmas album, which Idolator called "the Yuletide soundtrack from Hell."

The New York Post accused the Hoff of "spreading Christmas fear instead of cheer." Fashion Journal called it "a vocal car crash." "The Night Before Christmas" is Hasselhoff's worst crime on the album—it begins as an atrocious spoken word piece and devolves into a Christmas nightmare.

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