Which Christmas song is more hellish?

Which Christmas song is more hellish?

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Our voters picked "Little Drummer Boy" as dumbest Christmas song, and David Hasselhoff's sublimely horrible rendition of "The Night Before Christmas" as worst celebrity Christmas song—but now these two terrible tunes must face off! Which is worse: that constant "pa rum pa pum pum" or Hoff's atrocious spoken-word piece that basically devolves into a nightmare before Christmas? Listen below and vote! 🎶 🎄 🎶

The Votes Are In!

It’s that time of year again! Millions of shoppers will be hit with wave after unrelenting wave of holiday music to the point of aural madness. To celebrate this month of obnoxious festive melodies, we’ve taken the 16 most reviled Christmas songs and are pitting them against each other all month long! Don't forget to cast your vote in these other exciting head-to-head debates:

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Of course, the Biebs turned in a rendition of "Little Drummer Boy" featuring Busta Rhymes. That is a sentence that should not exist, but unfortunately it does. Listen to it, it is a trip to aural Hades.

Idolator called Hasselhoff's Christmas album "the Yuletide soundtrack from Hell." The New York Post accused the Hoff of "spreading Christmas fear instead of cheer." Fashion Journal called it "a vocal car crash." Maybe hell is a place on earth where you're forced to listen to a Baywatch star sing Christmas songs for eternity.

Hasselhoff's Christmas album may have driven some to acts of violence.

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