Which album is Tupac's most iconic?
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Which album is Tupac's most iconic?

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It's been 21 years since Tupac, arguably the greatest rapper of all time, died from fatal gunshot wounds on Sept. 13, 1996. Despite his short-lived career, Tupac's music legacy will thrive forever. When "Me Against the World" topped the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart, Pac became the first artist to have a #1 LP while in prison. But "All Eyez on Me" is an acclaimed sentimental favorite, being released six months before his death. Which album is his best? 🎤

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"Me Against the a World" is revered as Pac's most personal album—depicting themes about his childhood, trouble with the police and imprisonment. The certified double platinum LP was his first album to debut on the Billboard 200 while the artist was imprisoned. Three hit singles were released to promote the album, including "Dear Mama." The lead single details his childhood while living in poverty, but Pac dedicated the song to his mother, Afeni Shakur, for the sacrifices she made. 

Below are some notable lyrics, per Genius

🎶 When I was young, me and my mama had beef. Seventeen years old, kicked out on the streets. Though back at the time I never thought I'd see her face. Ain't a woman alive that could take my mama's place.🎶

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"All Eyez On Me" was released on February 1996, just a little more than six months before Pac's untimely death. The album was commercially successful long after his unfortunate death in September 1996. The LP won several awards and became Diamond-certified in July 2014 after selling more 10 million units. "California Love" is Pac's first #1 pop hit on the Billboard Hot 100, followed by another #1 hit, "How Do U Want It." 

Below are some significant lyrics to "California Love," per Genius.

🎶 Out on bail, fresh out of jail, California dreamin'. Soon as I step on the scene, I'm hearin' hoochies screamin'. Fiendin' for money and alcohol, the life of a Westside player. Where cowards die and the strong ball. Only in Cali where we riot, not rally, to live and die.🎶

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Listen to "All Eyez On Me" below via Spotify. 

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