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'Love, Really?' with Taylor Schwartz of VH1's 'Love & Listings'

VH1's reality series "Love & Listings" is giving us an inside look at what it takes to make it in the luxury real estate market. The series shares the stories of Black people and people of color trying to sell million dollar homes in sunny California. What makes this show special is the diversity of the cast and its breakout star Taylor Schwartz. Schwartz sat down with "Love Really" host Keydra Manns to discuss what it's like being biracial in a very white market, which one of her co-stars she is crushing on and which one she could do without.

Keydra Manns, Entertainment Editor at The Tylt, is here to take you through the week’s hottest reality shows. Love, Really? covers who fell in love on reality TV and who fell out of it, and all the drama in between with interviews from your favorite reality stars!