Will 'Venom' live up to the hype?
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Will 'Venom' live up to the hype?

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The teaser to the anticipated Sony's "Venom" just dropped, but it's conspicuously absent of any footage of, well, Venom. Like, where the hell is Venom in the teaser?! Fans are already disappointed, and some are confused about Venom not being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, unlike Tom Holland's version of Spider-Man—who is reportedly making a cameo in the upcoming film. Others have faith that "Venom" will be badass, and they are telling the Internet to relax! What do you think?

The Votes Are In!

"Venom" will hit theaters on Friday, Oct. 5. Watch the trailer below and tell us what you think by voting. 

The Internet is like "uuuuhhhhhh....what was being teased?!" Many are snatching their heads about the teaser, meaning the film is losing momentum. 

Some fans are saying relax. There's still a chance "Venom" will rule; it's only a TEASER.

There's hope!

And let's not forget that Tom Holland's Spidey is reportedly making a cameo in "Venom." But some fans are confused—Holland's Spidey is now part of the MCU. "Venom" is a Sony movie. Why is Venom not part of the MCU too? 

Venom is the anthesis of Spider-Man, after all. Sony let it go already. You're just confusing fans and the last version of Venom in "Spider-Man 3" sucked too.

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