Ultimate stoner duo: Cheech and Chong or Harold and Kumar?
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Ultimate stoner duo: Cheech and Chong or Harold and Kumar?

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Stoner movies are easily the highest ranked sub-genre of the buddy comedy. And there's no better way to celebrate 4/20 than watching two stoner best friends get into some serious shenanigans together. Richard "Cheech" Marin and Tommy Chong invented the sub-genre with "Up in Smoke" in 1978, but "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" got a new generation high on laughs. It's old school versus new school. Who's the iconic stoner movie duo?☺️

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Here's the synopsis of "Up in Smoke," per IMDB:

Two stoners unknowingly smuggle a van - made entirely of marijuana - from Mexico to L.A., with incompetent Sgt. Stedenko on their trail.

Yep, Cheech and Chong birthed the stoner movie sub-genre and made the '70s and '80s fun as hell!

Watch these laugh-out-loud moments from our most classic stoner movie duo below. 

Here is the synopsis of "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle," per IMDB:

An Asian-American office worker and his Indian stoner friend embark on a quest to satisfy their desire for White Castle burgers.

Harold (played by John Cho) and Kumar (portrayed by Kal Penn) stood high above all other dummy duos at the height of the buddy comedy genre's renaissance in the early aughts.

Watch this hysterically funny scene below, where the duo smoke a joint before riding a cheetah like a horse.

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