Favorite pop-rock boy band: The Vamps or 5 Seconds of Summer?
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Favorite pop-rock boy band: The Vamps or 5 Seconds of Summer?

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The Vamps and 5 Seconds of Summer are the hottest pop-rock boy bands of today. There hasn't been any new music from 5 Seconds of Summer since 2016, but the Australian band is reportedly working on their third studio album. We're sure those 5SOS punks will be reclaiming their throne in no time. Ever since One Direction went on hiatus in 2016, The Vamps have been the U.K.'s top band—and the dance-rock superstar's "Night & Day" topped the U.K. Albums Chart in 2017. Who's your favorite band? 🎤🎸

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The Vamps found each other between 2011 and 2012—consisting of members James McVey, Brad Simpson, Tristan Evans and Connor Ball. The rest is awesome rock history. 

The band released their debut single "Can We Dance" in 2013, peaking at #2 on the U.K. singles chart. The song is about the boys seeking out a girl at a party, and since they're drunk and crushing—one of them might just ask her to dance. The song clearly resonated. We mean, who hasn't been drunk at a party with their crush nearby? "Can We Dance" is a catchy, fun pop-rock song that really introduced the world to what was to come from the band.

Below are some notable lyrics to "Can We Dance," per Genius

🎶 I talk a lot of sh*t when I'm drinking, baby. I'm known to go a little too fast. Don't mind all my friends, I know they're all crazy. But they're the only friends that I have. I know I don't know you. But I'd like to skip the small talk and romance, girl. That's all I have to say so, baby, can we dance?🎶

Watch the music video below. 

As the dance-rock band's introduction, the Vamps' debut album is simply, but effectively, titled "Meet the Vamps." The album dropped in April 2014, peaking at #2 on the U.K. Albums Chart. The album peaked within the top five on the Irish Albums Chart and Australian Albums Chart. 

"Meet the Vamps" garnered favorable reviews. AllMusic's Matt Collar gave the LP three out of five stars. He wrote:

The debut full-length album from British boy band the Vamps, 2014's Meet the Vamps, showcases the group's high-energy mix of melodic pop and dance music. 
Included on Meet the Vamps are the singles "Can We Dance," "Last Night," "Wild Heart," and "Somebody to You" featuring Demi Lovato. 

Listen to the album below via Spotify. 

5 Seconds of Summer formed in 2011, consisting of Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin in Australia. They got their start on YouTube, covering other artists' music. These covers attracted attention from the music industry. This attention got 5SOS the gig of a lifetime; the group was the opening act on One Direction's "Take Me Home Tour" in 2012. 5SOS really blew up after that. 

"She Looks So Perfect" became the band's breakthrough single. The pop-punk rock hit topped both the Australia Singles Chart and U.K. Singles Chart in 2014. The smash even cracked the top 40 in the U.S., peaking at #24 on the Billboard Hot 100. This makes total sense; after all, 5SOS are four punk heartthrobs singing a power anthem about that "one beautiful girl." Actually, let's make that international punk heartthrobs. 

Below are some significant lyrics to their hit, per Genius

🎶 You look so perfect standing there. In my American Apparel underwear. And I know now that I’m so down. Your lipstick stain is a work of art. I got your name tattooed in an arrow heart. And I know now that I’m so down. Hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey.🎶

Check out the music video below. 

"She Looks So Perfect" was only the beginning. The song was the band's lead single from their self-titled debut album. "5 Seconds of Summer" not only topped the band's native Australian Albums Charts, but it also peaked at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart in the U.S. Woot! In fact, the album became a near worldwide #1 smash. 

Billboard's Jason Lipshutz praised the punk and pop-rock band, declaring they aren't One Direction or Blink-182. Instead, they are in their own lane somewhere in between. He wrote:

With "5 Seconds of Summer," the group's self-titled debut album, 5SOS also declares itself one of pop's most promising new artists. Songs like "Don't Stop," "Good Girls," "18" and "Mrs. All American" flash the type of tight songwriting and lyrical wit that bodes well for the young artists' future, and the album's production, largely helmed by John Feldmann (former leader of Goldfinger), is clean and compact. The heart-torn ballads don't work quite as well, but album closer "Amnesia" connects with a maturity atypical of teenage performers. Best of all, "5 Seconds of Summer" does not include any grave missteps -- some tracks clearly stand out, but the 12-song collection is meant to be (and can be) digested as a proper album, after 5SOS' breakout "She Looks So Perfect" EP was released earlier this year.

Listen to the album below via Spotify. 

"Wake Up" continued the Vamps rise to pop prominence. While the hit only peaked at #12 on the U.K. Singles Chart, the pop-rock anthem was nominated for a Teen Choice Award in the Choice Song Group category. The single also lead their sophomore album of the same name. "Wake Up" is about recognizing the love that's right in front of you. Like—"Wake up, already!" is basically what the Vamps are singing!

Below are some notable lyrics, per Genius

🎶 So wake up... your sleeping heart. I know sometimes we'll be afraid. But no more playing safe, my dear. I'm here. So wake up.🎶

Watch the music video. 

"Wake Up" only peaked at #10 on the U.K. Albums Chart, but the album received acclaim for the band's evolution of dance pop-rock intermixed with '80s rock influences, according to music critics like AllMusic's Matt Collar. He wrote:

The sophomore album from Britain's the Vamps, 2015's Wake Up features more of the group's exuberant synth and guitar-based pop. Once again showcased are the talents of lead vocalist/guitarist Brad Simpson, lead guitarist/vocalist James McVey, bassist/vocalist Connor Ball, and drummer/vocalist Tristan Evans. Wake Up follows the group's 2014 debut and finds the Vamps expanding upon their '80s-influenced dance-rock sound and emo-style acoustic balladry with a slick studio sheen. 

Listen to the album below via Spotify.

5SOS went for an even harder pop-rock sound for "She's Kinda Hot," which is the lead single off of their sophomore album "Sounds Good Feels Good." The song was another pop hit in the U.S., U.K. and the band's native Australia. Woot again! Don't let the title mislead you though. The song is actually an anthem for outcasts and misfits. Fans describe "She's Kinda Hot" as an anthem for not caring about what people think of you. 

Why is it titled "She's Kinda Hot"? It's simply in the lyrics, haha. Here are the lyrics below, per Genius

🎶 My girlfriend’s bitching 'cause I always sleep in. She’s always screaming when she’s calling her friends. She’s kinda hot though. Yeah, she’s kinda hot though. (Just a itty bitty, little bit hot). My shrink is telling me I've got crazy dreams. She’s also saying I've got low self-esteem. She’s kinda hot though. Yeah, she’s kinda hot though. (Just a little bit, a little bit hot). She put me on meds, she won’t get out of my head. She’s kinda hot though.🎶
🎶 They say we’re losers and we’re alright with that. We are the leaders of the not coming backs. But we’re alright though. Yeah, we’re alright though. We are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene. Yeah, we’re alright though. (Uno, dos, tres, cuatro!).🎶

Check out the music video below.

"Sounds Good Feels Good" topped the albums chart in the U.S., U.K. and Australia. The pop-punk band even made history with the album. Billboard's  Keith Caulfield wrote:

5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) is the only band -- not vocal group -- to see its first two full-length studio albums debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Sounds Good Feels Good follows their self-titled album, which arrived at No. 1 in 2014 (with 259,000 sold in its first week). Before that, the band issued the introductory EP She Looks So Perfect, which debuted and peaked at No. 2.

Listen to the album below via Spotify. 

The Vamps continued to mix dance with pop-rock on their next effort "Night & Day." The EDM smash "All Night" featuring Matoma is the album's lead single. The EDM sound doesn't end there; the Vamps continued the trend with "Middle of the Night," produced by DJ Martin Jensen. 

Below are some notable lyrics to "Middle of the Night," per Genius

🎶 So when I call you in the middle of the night. And I'm choking on the words 'cause I miss you. Baby, don't tell me I'm out of time. I got so much of my loving to give you.🎶

Watch the music video below. 

"Night & Day" became the Vamps' first album to top the U.K. Albums Chart in summer 2017. The album heavily features the band's evolution into EDM, mixed with their standard dance and pop-rock sound. 

CelebMix's Nicola Craig wrote about the band's matured sound: 

Night & Day (Night Edition) received the most pre-orders out of all The Vamps albums, it’s also undoubtedly the slickest, perfected and honest material we’ve heard from the quartet. James recently discussed that they hope it shows they’ve grown up as people and musicians and this truly shows throughout, it’s an incredible feeling to watch a band grow up as you do too and throughout the fan base there’s no doubt a lot of happy fans today. 
The Vamps are reaching the next stage of their career and Night & Day (Night Edition) is the perfect footing to take them to the next level. With their next release Night & Day (Day Edition) already lined up for release at the end of the year it really is onwards and upwards for this loveable quartet.

Listen to the album below via Spotify. 

5 Seconds of Summer released the B-sides and rarities to "Sounds Good Feels Good" in late 2016. One of their standout tracks from "Sounds Good Feels Good (B-Sides And Rarities)" is "Broken Home." The power rock ballad is about the emotional toll a couple's deteriorating marriage takes on their teenage girl.

Below are some significant lyrics, per Genius

🎶 Hey, mom, hey, dad. When did this end? When did you lose your happiness?mI'm here alone inside of this broken home. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who really cares? The fault, the blame, the pain’s still there. I'm here alone inside of this broken home, this broken home.🎶

Check out the music video below. 

5SOS released "Sounds Good Feels Good (B-Sides And Rarities)" in December 2016 to celebrate their fifth anniversary together. The extended play features five previously unreleased songs. In fact, the band released all of their EPs in digital format for their 5SOS Fam. It's the band's last release. Fans are patiently awaiting a third studio album. 

Back in April, MTV's Sasha Geffen wrote: 

Remember 5 Seconds of Summer? Those four southern hemisphere blokes who sang about American Apparel (R.I.P.) and loved Pokémon? They're still alive, and they just might have a new album for us by the end of 2017.
The band offered a video update on Twitter last week claiming that they were hard at work on LP3, but cruelly offering no further details.

The band is expected to release new music this year, according to bandmate Ashton's Twitter feed. Maybe, fans can expect new music around the time of the band's sixth anniversary in December. But in the meantime, listen to their B-sides below via Spotify. 

#TeamTheVamps because these rising U.K. heartthrobs are holding it down as the top pop-rock boy band. 

#Team5SOS because they are edgy rockstars who will soon return to their pop-punk throne. 

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