The Punisher gets his own Netflix series
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The Punisher gets his own Netflix series

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The Punisher was arguably the breakout character of Netflix's "Daredevil" season two. Now he's getting his own series on the streaming service. Fans say this iteration of Punisher, played by Jon Bernthal, is undeniably the best in live action. Marvel fans are pumped to see the character locked, loaded and solo.

But critics are blasting this version of the vigilante comic book character as too violent, murderous and graphic. The Punisher has always been a bit on the risqué side, but freed from television censors and movie ratings, the Netflix version could make previous Punisher films look like Disney cartoons. 

Is the #PunisherABadass gore and all? Or is #PunisherTooViolent for your taste?

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Some fans called out the uproar over the character’s extreme acts of violence — saying that it’s true to who the character is.
Not everyone is rooting for the character. Zack Ford, LGBT editor at Think Progress, called out the Federalist for glorifying a violent character.
Geek culture is super excited!
Some argue he’s the most moral character from “Daredevil” season two — as the “punisher” of the most dangerous criminals, murderers and rapists. He’s his own criminal justice system.
Another written response (and blog) to the article argued the Federalist got it wrong. The Punisher is not the most moral character.
Other critics just believe the Punisher is too violent and graphic.
Punisher fans got a nice surprise when the news got out that Punisher will be joining Marvel's Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist in leading a Netflix series. These characters are coming together for a joint series based on the comic book of the same name, "The Defenders."
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