Favorite Golden Girl: Blanche or Sophia?
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Favorite Golden Girl: Blanche or Sophia?

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'80s sitcom "The Golden Girls" remains one of TV's best-ever shows, and its iconic heroines are still beloved by audiences today. Blanche Devereaux, played by Rue McClanahan, is a wanton Southern belle whose sexual mores might make Samantha Jones blush. Sophia Petrillo, played by Estelle Getty, is a no-nonsense Sicilian immigrant with absolutely no filter. Both ladies are gold, but who is truly your favorite Golden Girl? 👵🏻 🌴 🍰

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Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia are all TV icons and goddesses—but who is truly your favorite Golden Girl? Get out your cheesecake, take it to the lanai and let's vote! 


Remember the episode where Blanche and Sophia battle over a man? It's a golden catfight for the ages!

Before there was "Sex and the City," "Girls" or "Broad City," there was Blanche Devereaux. Samantha Jones, Hannah Horvath, and Ilana Wexler owe Rue McClanahan a great debt. Television had never seen a woman in her '50s who was so proudly sexual and DGAF what anyone else thought of her sexuality.

Sophia is the oldest of the four housemates. She is Dorothy's mother, and a stroke has left her without any social filter whatsoever. Her daughter is constantly threatening to ship her back to the nursing home ("Shady Pines, Ma!") but she maintains the most equilibrium of the ladies, wisecracking, insulting, and telling tales of her possibly mob-connected life in a Sicilian village while stirring a pot on the stove.

Blanche was confident in her sexuality. 

Nobody rains on Blanche's narcissistic parade like Sophia.

And Sophia gives the other three women real talk when they need to hear it.

And despite her advanced age, she's not afraid to seek out sex either.

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