Favorite Golden Girl: Dorothy or Rose?
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Favorite Golden Girl: Dorothy or Rose?

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'80s sitcom "The Golden Girls" remains one of TV's most subversive and hilarious shows, and its iconic heroines are still beloved by audiences today. Dorothy Zbornak—played by the legendary Bea Arthur—was the cynical, sarcastic diva. But Rose Nylund, played by American treasure Betty White, was the naïve country bumpkin with a heart of gold. We know you don't want to choose, but who is truly your favorite Golden Girl? 👵🏻 🌴 🍰 

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Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia are all TV icons and goddesses—but who is truly your favorite Golden Girl? Get out your cheesecake, take it to the lanai and let's vote! 


The famous condom purchase scene perfectly encapsulates the show's eternal tension between hard-bitten realist Dorothy and clueless innocent Rose. Dorothy and Rose's onscreen strife apparently reflected Arthur and White's real-life conflict, as the two often struggled to get along offscreen.

Dorothy was the tough, smart, witheringly sarcastic, sometimes intimidating, and usually most grounded realist of the four housemates. Arthur's portrayal of caustic Dorothy is her most famous role. 

White was originally supposed to play sexpot Blanche Devereaux, as a nod to her role as Sue Ann Nivens on the "The Mary Tyler Moore Show."  But it's hard to imagine anyone other than White portraying clueless, unsophisticated Rose. Her endless ruminations on her life in small-town St. Olaf, Minnesota drive her roommates up the wall, but Rose's sweetness makes her the perfect foil for Dorothy's cynicism. After all, she was a grief counselor and perennial runner-up for Miami's Volunteer of the Year.

 Rose was a dumbass—but a hilarious dumbass. Interestingly, she was always the happiest member of the show.

Her sweaters alone make her a heroine to many.

But Dorothy was a woman of power—tall, commanding and take-no-prisoners.

She's even the subject of an ongoing art project, "A Bea A Day." Artist Mike Denison illustrates her in a different scenario daily.

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