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Ultimate girl power anthem: ‘Wannabe’ or 'Run the World (Girls)’?

For the past several decades—female artists have declared their independence, dismantled double standards and empowered women with their music. Enter the "Girl Power Anthem." What better way to celebrate Women's History Month than to honor the women in music who influenced feminist movements, and ultimately pick the greatest girl power anthem of all time.

Destiny's Child's "Independent Women Part 1," Madonna's "Express Yourself," Whitney Houston's "I'm Every Woman," and Christina Aguilera's "Can't Hold Us Down" were all eliminated in round one. Now it's Spice Girls versus Beyoncé, and Cyndi Lauper versus Shania Twain in the second round.

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Spice Girls are all about girl power and friendship on their iconic debut hit "Wannabe," which topped the UK Singles Chart and Billboard Hot 100.

Below are some notable lyrics to "Wannabe," per Genius.

🎶If you wanna be my lover. You gotta get with my friends (gotta get with my friends). Make it last forever friendship never ends. If you wanna be my lover, you have got to give. Taking is too easy, but that's the way it is. 🎶

Watch the music video below.


Beyoncé is the queen of the female empowerment anthem. "Run the World (Girls)" is praised for being direct about female empowerment, and it's pretty catchy too.

Below are some significant lyrics to "Run the World (Girls," per Genius.

🎶Some of them men think they freak this like we do. But no they don't. Make your check come at they neck, disrespect us no they won't.🎶
🎶My persuasion can build a nation. Endless power, with our love we can devour. You'll do anything for me.🎶

Check out the music video below.

Ultimate girl power anthem: ‘Wannabe’ or 'Run the World (Girls)’?
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