Simon Cowell gave the "Golden Buzzer" to dancing Stormtroopers

Simon Cowell gave the "Golden Buzzer" to dancing Stormtroopers

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In the fifth installment of Britain's Got Talent Simon Cowell gave the "Golden Buzzer" to a dance troupe that was dressed up as stormtroopers from Star Wars. Getting the Golden Buzzer means the act gets a free pass to the semi-finals. 

Many fans of the show were upset with Cowell's decision. Cowell is known for brutal honesty, even to the point of being unkind. But critics say he gave the stormtroopers a pass. The dance performance, they contend, was average at best. The only thing the act had going for it was the stormtrooper costumes. Although to be fair, it looks hard to dance with those helmets on - so points for technical difficulty! 

Fans point to another performance by Rachael Wooding, a former Coronation Street actress and 37-year-old mother, as more deserving of the Golden Buzzer. Her performance supposedly left audience members in tears. 

Simon isn't one to just throw Golden Buzzers around. Maybe the troupe turned Cowell's stone cold heart with pure talent.

Is Simon losing his edge? Did he make a bad call in giving the Golden Buzzer to the dancing stormtroopers or was their costum-laden dance routine worthy of getting promoted to the semi-finals? 

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The performance in question.
David Walliams is another "Britain's Got Talent" judge. He didn't think the stormtroopers deserved the Golden Buzzer.
That's a pretty high kick for a clone.
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