Should 'The Matrix' be rebooted?
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Should 'The Matrix' be rebooted?

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A reboot of the seminal 1999 blockbuster "The Matrix" is reportedly in the works, and the news has pretty much divided fans. While some geeks are open to a retelling of the franchise, others are tired of classic films be ruined by remakes or reboots. Should 'The Matrix' be added to the endless list of reboots? 🎥 😎

The Votes Are In!

The reboot is in the early stages. Keanu Reeves told Yahoo! Movies he would be opened to starring in another installment if the film involved the Wachowski siblings. But a reboot would most likely mean that none of them would be involved. Zac Penn is in talks to write the reboot of the groundbreaking sci-fi classic, and rumor has it that Michael B. Jordan is being considered for the lead.

Are you excited about a reboot, or should Warner Bros. not even attempt to ruin the legacy of the original blockbuster?


Just no, Hollywood. Stop rebooting every damn classic film already!

Other fans don't understand what the backlash is all about. 

It's an opportunity for more visually-compelling storytelling or an updated story. Let's wait and see.

If the reboot is approached the right way, then some fans would jump on the bandwagon. 

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