Should Taylor Swift launch her own streaming music service?
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Should Taylor Swift launch her own streaming music service?

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Taylor Swift has been fighting streaming services over royalties for quite some time. According to TMZ, Swift has now filed documents for her own music website that will consist of non-downloadable audio recordings. It's rumored to be her own streaming service called "Swifties," after her fan army. While actual Swifties love the idea, others don't think another streaming service is a smart business decision. Let's not forget Jay-Z's Tidal. What do you think?

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TMZ reports that not only does Swift plan to launch her service, but "Swifties" will include her line of musical equipment, educational camps and online courses.


Swifties are with it.

Stereogum's Tom Breihan wrote: 

The last time a country-pop superstar tried to develop his own streaming service, it was Garth Brooks with GhostTunes. Brooks launched GhostTunes in 2014, and it has already failed. Just saying.

Some people are old school.

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