Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have split, can they still make the biz of Ozzfest work?
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Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have split, can they still make the biz of Ozzfest work?

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The infamous couple have split after 30+ years of marriage. But Sharon and Ozzy haven't started a custody battle over Ozzfest, the very lucrative music festival Sharon manages and Ozzy stars in. On Thursday they both came on stage at the Hollywood Palladium to hype the upcoming performance of Black Sabbath for the 20th anniversary of Ozzfest which will partner with Knotfest this September. Since Sharon is still the band's manager, the two came on stage together. It was all smiles on stage, sure. But how long can they keep it up? 

"Ozzy walked out on stage and gave Sharon the world's most uncomfortable hug from behind," an on-looker told PEOPLE. "Sharon literally cringed as Ozzy wrapped his arm around her before taking his seat." 

Sharon certainly has a stake in the business, but she has her own talkshow and life to lead. In fact, discussing the breakup on her own show she said the split "[is] right for me because I, honestly, at this point today, have no idea what I'm going to be doing for the rest of my life. I just need time to think: 'What do I really want for the rest of my life?'" It was also highlighted that Sharon was drinking Lemonade during the show, a hat tip to Beyonce and perhaps a hint that Ozzy was less than faithful.

Ozzy himself has said that Sharon has been his "right hand" and he still considers her the boss of Ozzfest. So the question is - can Ozzfest continue into a 21st year now that the couple is split or could this September be the last Ozzfest?

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You have to wonder how long they can keep this up.
The Rolling Stone coverage didn't give the split a second thought. Maybe their marital status isn't crucial to how the event will land.
Ozzy wants to make it work.
Almost everyone agrees the reunion was awkward and cold. And that's not because of the guy wearing the leather mask.
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