Will Pokemon movie 'Detective Pikachu' flop?
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Will Pokemon movie 'Detective Pikachu' flop?

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Ryan Reynolds is set to star in "Detective Pikachu" as the titular character. Yep, you heard that right. Skeptics are scratching their heads because Pika literally only says his name. Critics argue this film has disaster written all over it, and Reynolds is no stranger to flops. But some Pokemon fans are intrigued in a live-action movie, and Reynolds is riding high on the success of the "Deadpool" franchise. What do you think?

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According to Hollywood Reporter:

The role is said to be motion-capture in nature, sources say.
Many details of the project are being kept off the grid, including the casting, which has been conducted under the radar by the usually secretive Legendary.
The company has high hopes for the feature project, as the Pokemon franchise has sold 300 million video games worldwide, shipped 23.6 billion TCG cards to 74 countries and has produced an animated series spanning 20 seasons.

Do you think this film will be a hit?

Way to go, Reynolds. He's already bridging together Pokemon and "Deadpool" fans. 

Some might be confused, but they are excited to see how the film turns out. 

Others aren't convinced the live-action "blockbuster" won't be disastrous. 

The news of Reynolds' casting sounds ridiculous to some.

And others are wondering why Danny DeVito wasn't cast to voice Pikachu like in the video game. What an injustice!

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