Ronan Farrow blasts A-list celebrities for continuing to work with his father, Woody Allen
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Ronan Farrow blasts A-list celebrities for continuing to work with his father, Woody Allen

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The latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter contains a scathing editorial by Ronan Farrow condemning the Hollywood establishment's treatment of his sister, Dylan Farrow, around her sexual assault accusations against their father, Woody Allen.

The current issue of "THR" is a special Cannes Film Festival issue that features Woody Allen on the cover. The director's new film, Cafe Society, premieres this week at Cannes, and stars Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart. In his piece, Farrow namechecked those actors, among others, claiming their presence in his father's films gives Allen cover and legitimacy, and devastates survivors like his sister. "Actors, including some I admire greatly, continue to line up to star in his movies. 'It's not personal,' one once told me," Farrow says. He compares the situation to that of Hollywood insiders who continued to work with Bill Cosby despite rape allegations against him.

People will continue to debate the merits of the case against Woody Allen, but Farrow's editorial raises a different and interesting question: are actors who choose to work with Allen are on his side? Should their associations with him be questioned? Or are they allowed her to keep their work separate from the controversies surrounding him?

Should actors #RejectWoody or is it fine if they keep their associations?

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This journalist pointed out that there were no questions asked of Allen and his actors at Cannes about Farrow's piece.
A commenter argued that journalists at Cannes are naturally going to ask questions about films, not the personal lives of the directors.
Others say journalists are obligated to ask these sorts of difficult questions, and agree with Farrow that they're avoiding their duty.
Vulture clearly agrees with Farrow.
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