Radio Disney Best Female Artist: Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez?
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Radio Disney Best Female Artist: Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez?

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Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez are going head-to-head for Best Female Artist at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards. Both ladies are previous winners of the award, so this year it could literally go either way. Nicki Minaj rapped it best on her and Ariana's "Side to Side" collaboration—"Ariana run pop!" But Selena "killed 'em with kindness," and slayed with a string of hits last year. Both pop princesses dominate the game right now, but who's going to win Best Female Artist? 🎤

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On Saturday, April 29, the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards is honoring the top teen pop sensations who dominated Radio Disney's airwaves. And the Tylt is predicting the winners in the "Best Artist" categories in a series of Radio Disney brackets. The ladies nominated for Best Female Artist are some of the top pop princesses in the music game. (Unfortunately, we had to leave off a nominee in this bracket—Lady Gaga.)

But the other nominees appeal most to the younger demographic. It's Ariana versus Selena, and Meghan versus Katy in our first round. 


Ariana is on top of her game. She was one of Billboard's top 10 artists of 2016. Ariana scored several mega hits off her third successful album, "Dangerous Woman." That includes the titular single "Dangerous Woman," and both "Into You" and "Side to Side." She may be the most successful female artist nominated this year, and because of that, she could win big on Saturday, April 29.

Watch the music video of her collaboration with John Legend, "Beauty and the Beast," below.

Selena Gomez is fresh off of her Best Female Artist win from last year. Since then, she has released another hit "Kill Em with Kindness" from her #1 album "Revival," and put on a successful "Revival Tour." She also released "We Don't Talk Anymore" with Charlie Puth, which is nominated for Best Collaboration. Yep, Selena could very well walk away as a two-time consecutive winner.

Watch the music video for "Kill Em with Kindness" below. 

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