Prince died with hundreds of unreleased songs in his famous vault
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Prince died with hundreds of unreleased songs in his famous vault

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 Prince was famously prolific and constantly recording. At the time of his death he had hundreds of hours of music and video stored in the vault at Paisley Park. 

Fans are asking if they will ever get to hear any of that music. Legal experts say it would depend on Prince's will, but all reports indicate he didn't leave one. 

Whoever ends up being Prince's executor/heir may own the copyright to all that music — but even if someone has the power to release those recordings, should they?  Prince enthusiasts are clamoring for the contents of the vault to be shared with the public, but many say releasing those recordings would disrespect what Prince would have wanted. 

Open the vault? Or honor Prince's wishes and leave it closed?

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Fans argue that it would be wrong to deprive the world of hundreds of new Prince songs.
Prince's longtime recording engineer, Susan Rogers, wants the vault opened.
If Prince didn't want people to hear that music, is it a violation of his will and his rights to do it after his death?
Fans argue we should honor Prince by respecting his wishes and leave the vault closed.
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