Pat Boone accuses 'Saturday Night Live' of anti-Christian bias

Pat Boone accuses 'Saturday Night Live' of anti-Christian bias

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Actor-singer Pat Boone is not happy with the recent "Saturday Night Live" parody of his latest movie, "God’s Not Dead 2." 

In Boone's film, a public school teacher is persecuted for answering a student’s question about Jesus. In the "SNL" parody, a trailer for a movie titled "God is a Boob Man," a Christian woman is taken to court by a gay couple and a Jewish ACLU lawyer for refusing to declare that “God is gay.” Boone called the skit "diabolical" and accused "SNL" of "taking Satan’s side." 

Did Saturday Night Live go too far in ridiculing Christian persecution? Or does Pat Boone need to lighten up and take a joke?

Also, Boone blasted NBC and "SNL" for allegedly disrespecting Christians while he deferred to Muslims, saying “There’s nothing sacred at 'SNL'—except maybe the words ‘Mohammad’ or ‘Allah.’"

What do you think?

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Pat Boone freaking out about anti-Christian persecution just underscores the "SNL" skit's point.
Free speech is a fundamental right, even if it offends.
Does "SNL" pillory all faiths equally?
Offended Christians argue that their faith is too often targeted for ridicule.
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