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Best Netflix Action-Adventure Cartoon?

Many of us are going stir-crazy in our homes while we social distance and quarantine to keep ourselves and others safe during the coronavirus pandemic. But there are plenty of ways we can stay entertained and free our minds from worry around the world. The Tylt's answer: streaming the best of Netflix's original content and voting on your fave. And what's more entertaining than animated action-adventures that kids and adults can enjoy? While Cartoon Network, Disney and Nickelodeon have been doing it for years, Netflix now has a wide array of cartoons that'll keep the entire family (especially children) on their feet or the edge of their seats. Cartoons like "She-ra and the Princesses of Power," "Carmen Sandiego" and "The Dragon Prince" entertain all ages and teach kids a thing or two (like friendship or life skills or values or positive characteristics) along the way. Vote now in our bracket, and let us know: Which series should everyone be watching and claim the title for Best Netflix Action-Adventure Cartoon?

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closed on 5/8/2020
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