Michael Strahan to exit 'Live' with Kelly Ripa for 'GMA.'
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Michael Strahan to exit 'Live' with Kelly Ripa for 'GMA.'

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Michael Strahan dropped a bomb on his co-host Kelly Ripa and producer Michael Gelman of ABC's "Live with Kelly and Michael" on Tuesday. He announced he's leaving their show for ABC's bigger show "Good Morning America." Since then, Ripa has gone M.I.A. from "Live" and many speculate she's upset about being blindsided. 

Did Strahan do Ripa dirty? Does she have a right to be upset? Maybe she should be more understanding as Michael is moving on to bigger and better things.

Reportedly, Strahan's team has been negotiating for quite some time, and it was ABC's idea to wait to announce the news. Ripa skipped out on their show Wednesday and Thursday, and she won't return until next Tuesday at the earliest. ABC says she planned a vacation for Friday and Monday, but it's a little suspicious to many that she's taken off almost the whole week following the announcement. 

Strahan will be full-time at "Good Morning America" starting in September. Until  then the two are stuck co-hosting "Live" together.

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CNN's Brian Stelter doesn't believe Ripa is "boycotting" though.
However, people are taking sides.
Some supporters are happy for Strahan and his career advancement.
Some supporters feel as though Ripa was blindsided.
But Ripa seems to be alright.
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