Does Meek Mill really deserve to go to prison?
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Does Meek Mill really deserve to go to prison?

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Meek Mill has been sentenced to two to four years in prison for violating his probation, and the Internet is outraged. Fans are signing a petition and planning protests against the sentencing. Supporters claim the justice system is broken, saying there are harsher sentences on black citizens. Though many are saying #FreeMeekMill, others argue he violated his parole four times, and he must do the time. Skeptics say people care because of Meek's celebrity. What do you think? ⚖️

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Meek has also asked for another judge, claiming misconduct by Judge Genece Brinkley. Meek's lawyer Joe Tacopina reportedly claimed the judge asked Meek to leave Roc Nation, and sign with her friend's production company. The attorney also claimed she asked for a shoutout, and for the rapper to cover a Boyz II Men song. Meek believes the judge has a vendetta against him.

Many supporters are calling the justice system broken. This isn't anything new. The system's harsher sentences on black citizens has been blasted and fought against for years. But Meek's celebrity status is bringing visibility to black people going to prison for significant amounts of time for smaller crimes. 

Plenty of celebrities stand in solidarity with Meek. 

Supporters are providing examples of just how broken the system is. Some fans are comparing Meek's harsh sentencing to the lack of justice for the families of slain black citizens at the hands of white police officers. Community organizers and protesters have been calling for justice and accountability for years.

But others disagree. Meek had plenty of opportunities to straighten up. 

Critics argue that Meek didn't get his act together, violated his parole four times and now must serve his time. 

Some are saying it's no secret the system is broken, but they are calling out fans who want to see Meek free because of his celebrity. Critics say the conversation should focus on everyday black people who deserve second chances or lesser sentences for petty crimes. Not Meek!

There are some skeptics who are in between. On one hand, Meek did those crimes. But on the other hand, the punishment is way too harsh and it shows how the U.S. justice system is problematic. 

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