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Which kick-butt superhero is your favorite: Black Panther or Blade?

Snipes revealed how a Black Panther movie was in the works in the '90s, but never came to fruition. Instead, he took a starring role as Blade, the half-vampire vigilante in the 1998 film of the same name. Below are some of his words per an interview with Aisha Harris for Slate:

Well, it came to me through my agent, at the time. … The Black Panther conversations preceded Blade. You know, I really wasn’t familiar with the Blade character at the time. But, I thought, especially after having put the effort towards [making] Black Panther, and getting that off the ground, and it didn’t come to fruition, I thought it’d be a cool thing to go ahead and play the black vampire.
Eddie [Murphy] did a black vampire movie, which was interesting. But there was also William Marshall who did Blacula back in the ’70s. William Marshall was a classically trained Shakespearian actor, which is the background that I come from, the pedigree that I have as well. So, I thought it was OK, that if William Marshall could do Blacula, then it’s OK for Wesley Snipes to do Blade. I didn’t know that it was considered a comic book adaptation, I approached it as just this cool character that we had no point of reference for, and I would get a chance to do some acting, some martial arts, and wear a cool leather coat like Shaft.

Without "Blade," there would be no "Black Panther." The successful R-rated superhero film paved the way for more movies based on Marvel comic book characters. "Blade" made over $131 million globally at the box office and spun off two sequels. 


53 percent of users voted Blade as the most bada** silver screen superhero on Comic Vine.

Blade is a half-vampire, half-mortal who hunts evil vampires and kicks some serious ass along the way. The slayer is a master martial artist, a swordsman and a street fighter. He also possesses superhuman abilities—strength, agility, stamina, regeneration and slowed aging.

Shea Serrano wrote about the bada**-ness of the 1998 film for The Ringer:

But so: Do you know what’s great about Blade?
There’s a part in it where, as he’s fighting his way through 20-something henchmen to get to Deacon for the final battle, he rips out a person’s throat and then throws it at a guy before knocking him out with a single punch. That part is great.

Yep, Blade is super-bada**.


Sure, folks haven't forgotten about "Blade," but "Black Panther" is a next level epic with a near perfect Rotten Tomatoes score, and it's already considered by some as the greatest superhero film ever. 

The Independent's Jacob Stolworthy wrote back in February 2018:

Black Panther - released in cinemas today - currently has the best Rotten Tomatoes score of any live-action superhero of all time.
The only reason it can't claim the feat of highest, however, is due to Pixar favourite The Incredibles - they're both tied at 97%.
Its placement means Black Panther is rated better by critics than any other Marvel or DC film including Captain America: Civil War (91%), Iron Man and Christopher Nolan film The Dark Knight (both 94%).

There are many reasons why many critics, and moviegoers, are calling "Black Panther" the greatest superhero epic ever. As Seven Pie pointed out in June 2017, Black Panther is simply a badass character. Here's how:

1. Black Panther Suit Is Made From Vibranium
2. Black Panther Possess Enhanced Strength, Speed, Agility, Stamina and Durability
3. Black Panther Has Genius-Level Intellect
4. Black Panther Has The Most Powerful and Technologically Advanced Military In The World
5. Black Panther Marries Storm from X-Men
Which kick-butt superhero is your favorite: Black Panther or Blade?
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