Maroon 5 cancels North Carolina shows, due to anti-gay laws
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Maroon 5 cancels North Carolina shows, due to anti-gay laws

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Pop superstars Maroon 5 just joined the list of performers who've canceled appearances in North Carolina because of HB2, the state's recently passed anti-LGBT law. 

"We don't want to penalize our fans in North Carolina," the group wrote on their website, but they said the decision came down to "what we feel is morally right."

Is Maroon 5 canceling their North Carolina shows principled or pandering?

Ricky Diaz, spokesman for Republican Gov. Pat McCrory, responded by saying hundreds of performances — including one by Beyonce — have taken place in North Carolina since the law passed in March, and claims Maroon 5 is only hurting fans by "hypocritically targeting North Carolina for selective outrage." Diaz noted that Maroon 5 has not canceled an upcoming concert in infamously anti-gay Russia. 

What do you think: #Maroon5Real or #Maroon5Phony? 

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Many commenters noted the band was still performing in countries where anti-gay discrimination is severe.
LGBT rights groups applauded their decision.
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