Madonna performed a tribute to Prince at the BBMAs—how'd she do?
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Madonna performed a tribute to Prince at the BBMAs—how'd she do?

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Many fans were thrilled when Madonna agreed to do a tribute to the late Prince at the Billboard Music Awards. Others scoffed, saying Prince's protégés (like Janelle Monae or 3RDEYEGIRL) or former bandmates and collaborators (like Wendy & Lisa, Sheila E,  or Morris Day) should have been asked. Critics also argued a black artist like D'Angelo or Erykah Badu would have been a more fitting choice.

Was Madonna's tribute to Prince a triumph ... or a travesty?

Clad in a metallic purple paisley suit, Madonna performed the Prince song: "Nothing Compares 2U,"  and was then joined by Stevie Wonder onstage for "Purple Rain." To say the reviews were mixed would be generous. Critics complained that no Prince tribute could be complete without a guitarist,  and that Madonna's pipes just couldn't do justice to the songs. Madge's defenders argued that she is the only 80s superstar left who could match Prince in terms of outrageousness and cultural impact – plus, they were actually friends. Bringing Stevie Wonder into the mix definitely won the Queen of pop style points, and many called it a heartfelt tribute that Prince would have appreciated.

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"Purple Rain" with surprise guest Stevie Wonder.
Madonna opened the tribute with "Nothing Compares 2U."
Madonna's singing caught a lot of flak.
In direct contrast to @ReignofApril, this fan thought Madonna's emotions came through.
Prince is a tough act to follow.
People gave her credit for making the effort – it can't have been easy.
Her outfit received rave reviews.
A note from Madonna in response to haters.
People Magazine thought it was great.
Perez Hilton did too.
But a lot of people expressed shock and horror.
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