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Q&A: Emjay Johnson and Jojo Zarur get real about 'Love and Hip Hop: Miami'

This season of "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" is definitely one for the books. Miami may be the franchise’s newest series, but the cast isn’t afraid to let loose and be open with its viewers.

On this season of “LHHM,” we were introduced to a slew of new players who quickly made a name for themselves. Amara Le Negra acquainted the world with her boyfriend Emjay Johnson, who happens to be the brother of reality TV queen Shay Johnson (who we know from “Flavor of Love” and other “LHH” franchises). But Emjay’s welcome to the reality TV space was anything but warm. He was often a trending topic, and fans accused him of being controlling and trying to take advantage of Amara.

Jojo Zarur has been on “LHHM” since the beginning and took a lot of heat—last season she was accused of trying to steal Shay’s ex-boyfriend, Pretty Ricky lead singer Marcus "Pleasure P" Cooper. But this season the ladies were able to settle their differences and meet on common ground.

During a recent episode of “Love, Really?,” we sat down with Emjay and Jojo as they told us all the things we never get to see behind the scenes of the show. Many fans questioned if Jojo’s relationship with Pleasure P was real, and they also wanted to know if the accusations against Emjay were true or false. If you want to find out if the rumors about Emjay being jobless are true or if Jojo really had a thing for Pleasure P, check out their answers below, and for the full interview, click here!

Keydra: Talk to me about your relationship with Pleasure P, was that a real relationship?

Jojo: No. No to all of it. It was not real at all. We thought it would be good for TV. Even the beef with Shay was entertaining, but the reason I was upset was because she knew it wasn't a real relationship so I couldn't understand why she so upset. And I was kind of in my feelings, like, you know the situation, why are you (Shay) going so hard? But that’s when you have to understand your cast is your cast, and you are a person outside of that cast. You can’t mix and blend, and it took me a little while to figure it out. But yeah, me and Pleasure don’t talk. I think he was mad and stopped talking to everyone on the show.

Keydra: He isn’t even on this season…

Jojo: Yeah, they didn’t want him back this season. And me and him never dated, so I didn’t have a reason to keep talking to him.

Keydra: You two looked awkward, it didn’t look like it was a real thing.

Jojo: Yeah if you know me than you know my type…and he isn’t my type.

Keydra: They tried to make it seem like you don’t work and you just pick up Amara’s bags. So the question is Emjay, do you work?

Emjay: Yes I work. But let’s say I didn’t work. You think I’m waking up with cameras following me around and I’m not getting a check? I get a check for this amongst the other things that I do. I understand that as far as the show, they are trying to get the juice and make things exciting. And I’m not perfect, I’m not saying I’m this rich guy. It is true that in life I’ve had my ups and downs, in my relationship and outside of my relationship. It’s life, I’m an artist, I have my good moments and I have my bad moments. And I’m not ashamed of any of it, but I do work.

Keydra: That is good insight.

Emjay: A lot of people want to be on TV, and they want success, but there is a lot that comes with it, and you have to be able to handle it mentally. If you can’t, you won’t be able to stay in the game for one day.

For the full interview with Emjay and Jojo click here!