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Favorite '90s squad show: 'Living Single' or 'Friends'?

Queen Latifah spoke out and said "Living Single" inspired "Friends." But Black Twitter got involved and accused "Friends" of whitewashing and ripping off "Living Single." The shows are both set in New York and built around twentysomethings navigating their way through relationships and careers—having each other's backs along the way. 


"In a '90s kind of a world, I'm glad a got my girls."

Below is the synopsis of "Living Single," per IMDB

Follows the lives of several single male and female roommates and friends in 1990s Brooklyn, New York.

"Living Single" premiered in the fall of 1993 and remained a top five sitcom among black households for all five seasons. The show definitely resonated. "Living Single" followed six friends (four women and two men) who all live in a Brooklyn brownstone together, and highlighted their struggles and triumphs within their love lives and careers.

Viewers fell in love with all six characters. Khadijah James (played by Queen Latifah) was a fierce and independent but often times stressed magazine owner. Synclaire James-Jones was Khadijah's kindhearted, but eccentric cousin and receptionist to Flavor magazine. We all have a friend like Maxine "Max" Felice Shaw—strong, smart and successful, but she doesn't cook; Max stayed in her friend's fridge. Kyle Barker was a clean-cut brother and stoke broker who was always at Max's throat; it turned out the two were in love with each other. Overton "Obie" Wakefield Jones was a good dude, Synclaire's love interest, and the building's handyman. And then there's Regina "Regine" Hunter—the pure definition of what it means to be black and boujee. 

The Tylt will take the small risk of speaking for every millennial and Xer who grew up watching the sitcom—yo, can y'all make this black TV classic available on streaming?! And no, not just through rent on Amazon Prime.  

"I'll be there for you..like I've been there before."

Below is the synopsis of "Friends," per IMDB

Follows the personal and professional lives of six 20 to 30-something-year-old friends living in Manhattan.

Although "Friends" came a year after "Living Single," NBC knew the show would be huge! And that it was. "Friends" stayed on the air for 10 years! 10 years! And the mega sitcom remains one of the most referenced pop cultural phenomena from the '90s. 

The TV classic followed Rachel Green, a spoiled fashionista who almost married a man she didn't love at the start of the series. Hence, she became a waitress and moved in with her best friend (Monica) to start over. Speaking of Monica Geller, she was a competitive but motherly figure of the group and a chef. Phoebe Buffay was pretty...weird, no eccentric; she's both a self-taught musician and masseuse. Ross Geller was lovable, but pretty darn annoying too; he's the brother of Monica and on-and-off again boyfriend of Rachel throughout the series. Poor Chandler Bing had a horrible job as an executive in statistical analysis; he's smoked and was dark humored. And Joey Tribbiani, the airheaded wannabe actor and ladies man, was such a breakout character that he got his own show. "How you doin'?" 

Regardless of the controversy and criticism over the years for being...well...super white, "Friends" was a lauded smash. The show was nominated for over 60 Emmys and slayed the ratings for all 10 years on the air. "Friends" is regarded as one of the most successful TV programs ever!

Favorite '90s squad show: 'Living Single' or 'Friends'?
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