LeBron James to star in 'Space Jam 2’
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LeBron James to star in 'Space Jam 2’

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"Space Jam 2" was put back into action (finally) last summer after Warner Bros. filed for new "Space Jam" trademarks and LeBron James signed a "content creation" deal with the studio. Now Justin Lin, director of four "Fast & Furious" movies and "Star Trek Beyond," is set to direct the intergalactic basketball flick as well as co-write and produce the film.

"Space Jam" can be a divisive movie. Many think it was a cheesy movie that never should have been made, while others are die-hard fans. That debate is neither here-nor-there. The argument we want to highlight is about who should star in the film. Some fans wish Kobe Bryant was cast as the lead in the film, instead of James.

Bryant was attached to the project during earlier development more than two years ago. Fans are upset he won't star in the sequel. 

Both are clearly basketball superstars, but who really has what it takes to step into Michael Jordan's intergalactic basketball sneakers?

What do you think: #LeBronSpaceJam2 or #KobeSpaceJam2?

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Some simply don’t like the idea of a sequel.
But it’s James vs. Bryant.
SB Nation advocated for a GOOD “Space Jam” sequel starring James.
Others just want Bryant in the movie at the very least.
Some are excited for a sequel starring James.
But some fans really want Bryant as the lead.
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