Album of the year: ‘Damn’ or ‘More Life’?
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Album of the year: ‘Damn’ or ‘More Life’?

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Kendrick Lamar's "Damn" and Drake's "More Life" are not only among the greatest acclaimed hip hop albums of the year, these masterful pieces are among the best of any music genre of 2017. Kendrick's "Damn" rivals "To Pimp A Butterfly," which some fans argue is his magnum opus; "Damn" debuted atop the Billboard 200. Drake technically calls "More Life" a playlist, but this hasn't stopped it from topping the charts. Which is the album of the year? 🎤

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It's the end of the year! And we're facing-off the best songs, albums, movies, TV shows, video games, sports, pro athletes and entertainers of 2017. The "Best of 2017" is chosen by a combination of popularity, impact, acclaim, rankings and/or amount sold. But ultimately, we want you to let us know who and what from 2017 won the year in each category.

2017 has been filled with many great albums from today's biggest pop stars and hip-hop artists—but perhaps four epic albums stood above the rest. We are facing off some of top LPs released in 2017. In our first round, it's "Divide" versus "Reputation," and "Damn" versus "More Life." Which will win the coveted title of "Best Album of 2017"?

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Kendrick's "Damn" was a highly praised follow up to "To Pimp A Butterfly." The album debuted atop the Billboard 200, and the album is certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. "Damn" is already considered one of Kendrick's best works if not his greatest to date. Listen to "Damn" below via Spotify.

Similar to "Views," Drake's "More Life" features an array of musical genres—hip hop, rap, pop, dancehall, afrobeat and trap. It's pretty clear that Drizzy has found his winning formula—crossing over from rapper to pop star. "More Life" might be considered a playlist, but it topped the Billboard 200, and is regarded as one of the best works of 2017.

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