Is Kelly Clarkson's 'Meaning of Life' better than 'Breakaway'?
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Is Kelly Clarkson's 'Meaning of Life' better than 'Breakaway'?

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Kelly Clarkson dropped her highly anticipated eighth studio album "Meaning of Life." She's been slaying the game since 2002, but many regard her commercially successful sophomore LP "Breakaway" as her magnum opus. But some Kellebrities are calling "Meaning of Life" not only Kelly's grand return to pop music but she at her absolute best. Can "Meaning of Life" top "Breakaway"? 🎤

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"Love So Soft" leads Kelly's new album, "Meaning of Life." The lead single mixes R&B, trap and soul music. Kelly garnered praise for the song's departure from her typical pop-rock sound.  

Below are some notable lyrics, per Genius

🎶 Love so soft, you ain't had nothin' softer. Break it, then you buy it, and it sure gonna cost ya.Love so soft that you can't rub off. You gon' love it, if you try it. Got you hooked, now you're caught up. Love so soft, so soft (so soft).Love so soft, so soft (so soft).🎶

Check out the music video below. 

Critics like Newsday's Glenn Gamboa are praising Kelly's new album, highlighting that she mixes old sounds with something. Newsday gave the album four stars. Glenn writes:

Clarkson isn’t content with simply mining old-school soul, though. She looks to innovate, as she does in “Whole Lotta Woman,” where she takes a throwback soul arrangement and adds intricate, current R&B phrasing and lyrics like “I’m a strong, bad-ass chick with classic confidence” to create something new.
Clarkson has had finer singles, but “Meaning of Life” is the best album of her career, a chance to declare her ambitions and deliver on them time and time again for her most cohesive album yet.

Listen to Kelly's new album below via Spotify. 

But "Breakaway" was a milestone in Kelly's impressive pop career. The album features an array of hit pop-rock anthems, like "Since U Been Gone," which peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. The smash is regarded as one of Kelly's signature hits. 

Below are some significant lyrics, per Genius

🎶 But since you been gone. I can breathe for the first time. I'm so moving on, yeah, yeah. Thanks to you, now I get what I want. Since you been gone.🎶

Watch the music video below. 

Many fans revere "Breakaway" as Kelly's best album to date. It's filled with pop hits and is certified 6x multi-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. "Breakaway" won Best Pop Vocal Album at 48th Annual Grammy Awards in 2006. Listen to the LP below via Spotify. 

Fans are saying "Meaning of Life" is just as good as "Breakaway," if not better!

But "Breakaway" is considered Kelly's magnum opus. How can you top that?!

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