Justin Bieber just got a face tattoo
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Justin Bieber just got a face tattoo

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Pictures began to surface Saturday night with Justin Bieber sporting a new tattoo. This one is on his face. He once said he would consider getting a face tattoo in his 40s or 50s, but it seems he just couldn't wait that long.

The tattoo, a small cross, can be seen at the top of his cheekbone. Beliebers are split. Is the new tattoo taking his bad-boy image even further or is he starting to go deep into creepy territory? 

The tattoo artist told US Magazine "Justin came in last night and decided on a small cross near the corner of his eye... It represents his journey in finding purpose with God." 

Did Bieber just ruin his perfect face or is the new tattoo tasteful enough for true Beliebers to handle.

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A close up shot, since we know you are dying to see it.
Justin was seen at a NYC tattoo shop Saturday night.
Witnesses also refer to this as a "face tattoo."
Seriously, what was he thinking?
He's talked about face tattoos before. It's part of his new bad boy image.
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