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Janet Jackson's Greatest Album of All Time?

The Empress of Pop Janet Jackson reshaped pop music with her conceptual #1 albums, sonically innovative bops, visually compelling music videos, and complex and precise troupe dance routines. Ms. Jackson (because we're nasty) inspired so many pop entertainers! And that's why we are celebrating the pop icon and legend in a bracket of her most defining albums. Now "All for You," "Damita Jo," "20 Y.O.," "Discipline" and "Unbreakable" are fan-favorites, but "Control," "Rhythm Nation 1814," "Janet." and "The Velvet Rope" cemented Ms. Jackson into pop icon status and are considered among the best conceptual albums of all time. The Empress of Pop definitely laid out the blueprint for many more R&B, dance and crossover pop artists to come. Please forgive us JanFam/J-Tribe, we know it's a tough call, but what's Janet's Most Iconic Album of All Time? Vote in our bracket below!

closed on 6/1/2020
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