Is it wrong to cast a cisgender man in a transgender role?
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Is it wrong to cast a cisgender man in a transgender role?

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"American Horror Story" actor Matt Bomer has been cast as a transgender female sex worker in Mark Ruffalo's new film Anything. Many in the trans community are upset with the choice—cisgender men are so frequently cast as trans women, whereas trans actors are almost never cast in cisgender roles. Why not cast a trans actor as a trans character? Hollywood is infamous for casting white actors as people of color—is casting a cis man in a trans role just "transface" (another form of blackface)? Or is Bomer simply fulfilling the job of an actor in portraying a fictional character? Vote below!

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Many argue that the job of actors is to inhabit a role, not to play themselves. They say the criteria for an acting role should be acting ability, not whether the actor's identity lines up with the role IRL.
But would a man ever be cast as a cis woman in a major motion picture? And, even though Laurence Olivier played Othello in 1965, would a white actor ever be cast in that role today?
At the Hollywood Reporter, Nick Adams laid out the reasons why Hollywood casting choices create real problems for trans people.
Having gender- and race-based criteria for casting can lead to sticky territory. Should gay actors not be allowed to play straight roles? Should John Turturro always have to play an Italian?
For all the talk of actors just being chosen for acting ability, it's shockingly rare for transgender people to play CIS or transgender characters. Many in the trans community says the door only swings one way.
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