Is Fifth Harmony better as a quartet?
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Is Fifth Harmony better as a quartet?

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Fans were heartbroken when Fifth Harmony tweeted Camila Cabello was leaving the group for a solo career. Critics have questioned the future of 5H, but the remaining four members are promising a new era of music. Some Harmonizers believe there's no 5H without Camila, and others say they are better without her. The group's first performance as a quartet garnered rave reviews. Is 5H better as a quartet? 🎤🎶

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Below is 5H's first statement on Camila's departure.

Camila followed up with her own statement saying the group wasn't blindsided by her departure. 5H followed up with another statement saying they tried to talk with Camila and her camp multiple times about the future of the group. Camila's camp allegedly refused. She has had a separate manager, Roger Gold, for some time—who allegedly created drama within the group. Camila knew for some time her plans to go solo. 

Nevertheless, Fifth Harmony still has four talented members. Each member of the group sings lead and shines. But Camila stood out the most because of her unique voice—not necessarily for being the most talented.

The group announced Camila's departure on Dec. 19. Talk about giving fans coal for Christmas. 

But it wouldn't be the last time fans would get to see 5H as a quintet. Camila performed with Fifth Harmony for the last time on "Live on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve." While some thought the last performance was awkward because of the drama, the quintet killed it for one, last time. And it only made Harmonizers miss Camila even more. Some fans still wish they would remain a quintet.

All eyes were on 5H's debut as a quartet on the People's Choice Awards. They won Favorite Group, and they absolutely murdered the stage. 

Although 5H will remain the group's name—as a quartet, each voice stands out distinctly. The group performed "Work from Home." Camila sings the first verse in the original song, but the group collectively changed the opening lyrics to "we ain't worried nothing, we ain't worried about nada" before Lauren Jauregui took over the first verse. In the lyrics, they alluded to their new era of slayage as a quartet. Slay on, ladies!

Watch the performance below.

5H is still winning. Their voices gel more together as a quartet. Camila has a unique voice that is probably better suited for a solo career. And if Little Mix is any indication—girl quartet's slay! 

Honestly, 5H won't be together forever, but fans are pumped for this new era before each remaining member leaves to take on solo careers. One Direction blessed their fans with one more album after Zayn Malik left in 2015—and then each remaining member went solo. 1D won collectively, and are winning individually. Fans shouldn't worry about 5H because the group will be alright.


But their name is still Fifth Harmony. That literally means five members! 

They came up on the X-Factor as a quintet. They formed on July of 2012 and for nearly five years, fans got to see five girls grow into women. Camila slayed with Dinah, Ally, Normani and Lauren. 

But some fear that 5H's best days are behind them. Yes—some groups can survive with lineup changes—like Destiny's Child. But Destiny's Child had a lead singer and a second lead singer who remained in the group—Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland, respectively. Camila's vocals were all over the group's EP and two studio albums. 5H might not work as well if any of the girls left because there was never one lead singer. And if the group was only going to produce one more album, Camila should have stayed for the Harmonizers. And some Harmonizers feel Camila needs 5H as much as 5H needs her. Maybe the group should have remained a quintet until all the ladies decided to go solo.


Not all fans like 5H without Camila. 

But there are more rave reviews than bad ones. 

5H is ready to move forward without Camila, and it's an exciting time for them to reinvent themselves.

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