Is Ariana Grande's 'Into You' video really all that?
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Is Ariana Grande's 'Into You' video really all that?

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Ariana Grande released a music video for her single Into You Monday night, and the #Arianators went berserk! The video depicts Grande roaming the desert with a stunning male companion (America's Next Top Model alum Don Benjamin) who turns out to be her bodyguard, and whom it turns out she's having an affair with...! Us Magazine called the video "steamy," and Rolling Stone described it as "adventurous."

But is the Into You music video really all that great?

Yes, it consists of gorgeous people cavorting amidst gorgeous scenery. Yes, it tells a compelling story (an '80s video trend that we are thrilled to see revived). But is it really groundbreaking? It's not a Lemonade or a Kanye/Spike Jonze collaboration. Some fans pointed out we've seen a lot of this footage before in Rihanna's We Found Love video. Still, we could watch Grande's magnificent mane of hair blowing in the wind all day.

What do you think: #IntoYouIsMagic and #IntoYouNotAllThat?

The Votes Are In!
Fans were beyond effusive.
Fans called it " perfect," "powerful," and "a masterpiece."
A few pointed out that the video, while beautiful, looks remarkably like the one for 'We Found Love.'
But of those who noted the Rihanna similarities, many of them dug it anyway.
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