Does Hollywood protect sexual predators?
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Does Hollywood protect sexual predators?

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Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Jeremy Piven are just a few of the men in Hollywood accused of sexual abuse. Nondisclosure agreements have protected Hollywood execs like Weinstein for sexual assault allegations from surfacing for years. But many are saying the careers of men in Hollywood like Spacey and Weinstein are over. While some skeptics argue that sexual predators are protected in Hollywood, others believe the industry is finally cracking down. What do you think?

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The extensive list of Hollywood execs, filmmakers and A-list actors accused of sexual abuse continues to grow. From sexual misconduct to rape allegations, Fox News now has a list of whose careers are likely over.

Weinstein's career is likely over, with more than 80 women accusing him of sexual misconduct or rape. The infamous movie producer was removed from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He was also fired from his own production company. 

Spacey has had a similar ordeal. He's been fired from "House of Cards." Christopher Plummer will replace Spacey in the once completed film "All the Money in the World." The movie is still expected to be released on Friday, Dec. 22.

Survivors aren't only ousting alleged sexual predators, but Hollywood is putting forth a good faith effort to change an industry-wide culture of sexual assault.

But here's how powerful men in Hollywood have gotten away with sexual assault allegations for so long. 

Confidentiality clauses have featured in a number of high-profile sexual harassment scandals. In November 2011, Politico reported that Herman Cain, then running for the Republican presidential nomination, had been accused of sexual harassment by two women who worked with him when he ran the National Restaurant Association; Cain’s employer had settled the claims with agreements that forbade the women to speak about the incidents.
Venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins offered to settle former employee Ellen Pao’s sexual harassment suit only if — according to Pao’s account — she signed an agreement limiting her freedom to talk about her experience. (She dropped her suit but declined to settle, saying she did not want to be silenced.) Fox News Channel likewise used confidentiality clauses in contracts with employees to protect its late chief Roger Ailes from sexual harassment claims.
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